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When I became dissatisfied with my publicists, I became myself. When I got tired of waiting for graphic artists, I learned to design. I say this today to say that in today’s world of independent artists, the essence and the willingness to adapt and wear a lot of hats is paramount.

Consequently, I am always looking for fellowship with like-minded artists who prefer execution to excuses. Glendale, Arizona native Bag Of Tricks Cat is one such artist. He toured extensively while topping the Billboard charts, turning the controversy into an undeniable statement. He wears artist, producer, and engineer caps interchangeably and sometimes at the same time. Combining the above makes Bag of Tricks Cat an artist worth watching closely.

Felix (as he is often called) has a deeply rooted musical history dating back to his grandmother, who sang the famous theme song Felix the Cat and also sang for the Hooked On Phonics program. With music embedded in his DNA, Felix quickly found a way out to resist the school bullying he suffered as a young man.

After graduating from high school, Felix immediately immersed himself in audio production and used his developing skills in studio ownership and continued his career as an artist. The Bag Of Tricks cat has worked with many who know a lot, from D12 to Twista, Smoke DZA and many others. He’s been heavily involved with Arizona scene legend Mega Ran (Editor’s Note: Mega is as solid as they are, hello to him) and is on his way to serious new work.

In our recent conversation, Bag Of Tricks Cat elaborated on his upcoming EP (summer 2021 release): “This EP will be my first project since Felix Chevrolet of 2019 (originally called Felix Chevrolet). In fact, I was planning to release something completely different in early 2020, but my entire studio was flooded, my father suffered a stroke, and Covid ended up in the United States. This not only prevented me from getting rid of what I originally planned to work on, but also alienated me mentally and spiritually. It wasn’t until the fall of 2020 that I finally felt the spark to write again, but this time it was all centered around the concept of bad luck … ”. The parallel with black cat and bad luck is a failure from a personal point of view, but conceptually it works well, often this is the case when the cruelty of life leads to the fact that artists reach high marks.

Felix continued: “I released a song called ‘Howie Bling’ about the very lucky protagonist of one of my favorite films of recent years, ‘Uncut Jewels’. Shortly thereafter, I released “Stay Safe” with my home girlfriend Whitney Peyton, and this record reflects the bad luck we have as a community, country, and the world over current events.

The EP will explore this concept more and reveal more of my personal experiences over the past year. I think this is something that will affect a lot of people and I’m glad I finally got new music for my fans and supporters who have been so patient over the past 18 months. “

This resilience and equanimity leading to personal and powerful music can be seen as a testament to why I am such a fan of Bag Of Tricks Cat. Many independent artists, especially rappers, feel they owe them something, simply because they were worthy artists. Because of the ease of access and publication that is the hallmark of today’s era, many of them know little about the enormous sacrifices it takes to thrive while overcoming the challenges of consistency. I take off my hat to a friend because he refused to make excuses and used his outlet as a therapy, showing and proving along the way.

If you are an independent artist reading this, I would encourage you to continue exploring Bag Of Tricks Cat, both its history and its catalog. Use it as fuel for your own journey and as a reminder to keep moving forward. Join the right people, act strategically, and create multiple sources of income for yourself. In some respects, hip hop will always be a sport for young people, but in others it will also remain a game for adults. Support Bag Of Tricks Cat on the links below: “>

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