The road to the future with Jim Klaus

Search engines, Google, Bing, etc., require you to enter keywords to determine what you are looking for. It’s not a big deal for millennials, but what about baby boomers?

What about people who find it difficult to use the Internet? They lived a different life and were not used to technology like we are. That’s why founders like Jim Klaus of ClikitySplit give users complete control over their mobile experience by tapping without having to enter text to search the web. ClikitySplit is 99.9% tap, with text input only required to change the default map that is displayed upon login based on the visitor’s current GPS location.

What are the advantages of clicking over typing?

Full control

Imagine that you have full control over your mobile device, you determine what and for how long is displayed on your smartphone, without annoying ads appearing on the screen. Most searches today are keyboard input, but for some non-tech savvy users, tapping works best.

Something like ClikitySplit only requires a click, a much faster alternative to printing. As a business owner, you can quickly compare your status against competitors in the same category and subcategory. ClikitySplit’s unique sorting features provide end users with an enhanced experience by being able to start a new search simply by clicking a button with all prohibited push ads.

Not only that, but you can also create your own “Dynamic billboards” in just 20-25 minutes using a variety of multimedia tools such as video, audio, slideshow, marquee marketing message, and more, plus 10,000 characters of text.

Restaurants can showcase their special Happy Hour offer or host special “Hot Deals” by changing the content of their dynamic billboards in as little as 2-3 minutes to drive traffic and fill those empty spaces. Every time a company updates the content of its dynamic billboard, those changes are immediately pushed to its subscribers’ smartphone, Facebook timeline, and Twitter feed.

Dynamic billboards and analytics

The use of listening boasts the unique ability to deliver accurate “focused analytics” —the holy grail of marketing — that was previously an elusive goal for every marketer. It is considered the most powerful tool for gathering critical information that influences decision making. …

Every time an end user accesses the company’s proprietary “dynamic billboard”, every interaction is captured. Consequently, “true ad-hoc analytics” are emailed to business executives at midnight, allowing them to carefully evaluate their marketing efforts.


Through business differentiation, business owners can assess the performance of their operations and competitors, see the needs of the public, and plan an action plan to meet demand. What’s more, businesses are learning “Out of the market and out of the market” their competitors through the website guide.

The advertisers with the deepest pockets are no longer in control – the playing field has finally leveled off. The winners are not only seasoned marketers, but also end users who benefit from companies competing with each other by offering special promotions that grab attention and earn end-user patronage. Finally, people on both ends of the spectrum have common backgrounds.

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