The first of its kind accessFind search engine helps people with disabilities find accessible websites

The world’s first accessible search engine was officially launched last week. Designed for people with disabilities, a search engine called accessFind aims to improve Internet navigation for the 1.5 billion community of people around the world by better presenting accessible websites.

Currently, only 2% of all websites are accessible, which makes it extremely difficult for people with motor, visual, intellectual and other disabilities to successfully surf the Internet. With accessFind, users will get search results from easily accessible websites, bridging the existing digital divide.

accessFind is a consumer-centric non-profit initiative led by accessiBe, a leader in the web accessibility market, in partnership with leading non-profit disability organizations including the United Spinal Association, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind (CLB), The Viscardi Center, Senspoint. The Maryland State IMAGE Center, Earl Baum, Determined2Heal and others.

According to accessFind, this initiative was “built for the community with the community.” In anticipation of the launch, additional NGOs targeting the needs of people with disabilities are invited to join the initiative as founding members and use their knowledge and experience to further shape the vision of accessFind.

“I have direct experience with the Internet with a disability and have spent years feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lagging behind my peers because I couldn’t fully access the Internet,” said Michael Hingson, CTO AccessiBe. …

At our company, we call this the “Internet Accessibility Gap” because most websites are simply not built for people with disabilities. Our intent in creating accessFind was to fill this gap by offering a place where only websites that meet our accessibility standards are displayed. accessFind will soon be the new gateway to an inclusive Internet, and we hope it will pave the way for a more inclusive world.

AccessFind will have over 120,000 websites available since launch, but hopes other companies and websites will join the movement. AccessiBe has spearheaded work with accessFind and plans to roll out other initiatives as part of its public roadmap that includes more education, awareness and understanding about an inclusive Internet. With cutting-edge technology and services, he hopes to see the Internet available by 2025.

“We expect more and more companies to recognize the value of the participation of all Internet users, and accessFind will only encourage these companies to participate in this groundbreaking initiative,” said Michael Caprara, CIO at the Viscardi Center.

If you are a non-profit organization interested in becoming part of the founding member group, or if you are a website hoping to be included in a new search engine, you can visit for more information.

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