The Duke of Photography: Vanshdeep Sisodia’s Journey to Success Amid Adversity

Photography in general is a systematic use of technology, but capturing life with one click is an art. It takes dexterity, passion and a discerning eye to add nostalgia mash to what is being filmed. With the same determination and zeal, here is a man who has achieved this art of visual personification.

“I’m doing my job”; By conceptualizing this motto, Vanshdeep Singh Sisodia, who hails from Bhopal at the age of 21, has become a brand in photography. He is a living example of how being infatuated with passion and unyielding love becomes a successful career choice.

He was the winner of the MP Tourism #CitywalksFestival 2018 and was highly acclaimed for his iconic click, which, as it should be, was done with a phone, while other contestants were owners of SLR cameras. With 35,000 Instagram followers, his cinematic skills tell the saga of how creativity can arm life.

But, as they usually say, behind success lies hard work, patience and sacrifice; a similar tail is associated with this successful guy who is now the duke in the kingdom of photography. However, Vanshdeep, who has always had a penchant for photography, never thought of doing the same as a career option. In a common scenario, he also worked as an ordinary guy and aspired to become a computer science engineer and hack IIT-JEE. After dropping out for a year, he entered an engineer.

However, a call from his passion persuaded him to leave the same way. It was a very risky choice, as he belonged to a middle-class family with little savings, and his parents had already spent every penny on his and his brother’s education. As he recalls, this is the most difficult period of his life; Depression, anxiety – everything was built on the verge of insecurity, and he was surrounded by less money. He says, “I almost lost myself and felt like a failure.”

Moving forward, he is now in a position where, in his words, “you can become very, very big in this area. I never thought that I would achieve anything in this area, I just started doing it, and I loved it, and suddenly I started to collaborate and achieve achievements. ” His solid collaboration journey began in 2019 when he was approached by the first major brand, Realme, and worked with them for one long year.

After that, he was approached by various brands such as Xiaomi, Tecno. He is currently working with OnePlus. He also collaborated with Fujifilm to produce a short cinematic about Bhopal, and his short series Bhopal: Where the Heart Melts in the World is a wonderful world that reveals the essence of his hometown.

His experience extends to well-known brands such as Daniel Wellington, Joby (mentored Joby for a year), Manfrotto, Noise, etc. One of his videos was also licensed by Madhya Pradesh Tourism for posting on their social media. As a successful person born of hard work, he even won a GoPro award and is also a national winner of the GoPro Hero 9 competition hosted by Rann Vijay Singha.

His work has been featured in a number of publications, some of which deserve mention, published as a cover for SAFARNAMA magazine by IG Bhopal and published on LonelyPlanet India, Nikon India, CreativeImage Magazine.

In addition to his accomplishments, he was a motivational speaker and held photography-related workshops throughout the country. Several years ago, he was approached by Thrillophilia to motivate and influence people with regard to travel, filmmaking and photography. He was even nominated for TEDx BitsPilani as their motivational speaker.

Drawing on his experiences and travels, he says with optimism, “I explore the city every day, and whenever I explore the city, I try to find beauty and uniqueness in everything.” His mantra for success is based on three rules, formulated by himself: “Three components of photography”: count, concentrate, create. His artistic skills extend to his visionary “look at things differently than others”.

For aspiring photographers, he says: “Everything about photography is acceptable, because it’s all about creativity, and creativity is at the heart of every person.” So, pick a camera, click an image, practice in the right shot, and learn every step of the way.

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