The creation of a true classic Land Rover Defender

One of the most recognizable cars on the planet, there is no person in the world who is serious about off-roading and vehicle adventure who doesn’t dream of a Defender living (at least part-time) in their garage.

Incredibly powerful and perfectly engineered for their time, the original Defenders have achieved almost mythical status over the past 30 years – in part because they are so hard to find.

These vehicles were (understandably) used and abused, and then, for the most part, were taken out to pasture. Finding a Defender, even in decent shape, has become almost impossible.

At least unless you work with the professionals at ECD Automotive Design.

Every custom Defender begins with an automotive story

ECD was created from the ground up as a company with the sole purpose of finding as many original Defenders as possible in every imaginable setting and bringing them back to life.

They have been doing this – and more – since day one.

Each of the bespoke classic Defender projects they work on begins with a piece of automotive history. These cars are rescued and scrapped from all over the world, usually in less than perfect shape, and processed from top to bottom to return them to a better condition than new.

Smart upgrades that only improve the DNA of the legendary defender

After restoring these custom defenders to make sure they are reliable, reliable, and safe, the fun begins.

Smart updates are being made all over the place.

All new suspension systems and wheels have been added to help these already off-road vehicles reach places that were previously only visited by mountain goats.

All new drivetrains and engines have been added (with Corvette engines available as an option for even more power and speed), allowing these vehicles to overcome any obstacle that would slow the Defenders’ classic mileage – while improving fuel efficiency and economy. …

In addition to this, all new luxury items pervade the interior and exterior. Well-padded seats, a beautifully redesigned dashboard that retains the charm of the original, and a host of improvements to navigation, entertainment and climate control.

The real copy in the world of mass production

The end result of these ECD Auto Design Defender projects is a brand new vehicle with all Defender DNA, a modern engineering marvel that honors the icon’s heritage and history.

Despite the fact that more than two million production Defenders have rolled off the assembly lines throughout its history, each of these Defender projects is a true work of art.

For more information or to get started on your own Defender project, contact ECD today for more information!

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