The 2021 Email Marketing Guide.

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful digital marketing channel that companies use to communicate with their potential and customers. Companies use email to send informational or promotional content to a list of people who have subscribed to their mailing list.

The main goal is to turn potential customers into customers, and one-time customers into regular customers. In addition to being a cheap marketing medium, it boasts a very high return on investment (4,200% ROI) with a return of $ 42 per dollar spent.

It’s no surprise that companies are taking advantage of this incredible marketing opportunity. It couldn’t be stressed enough how important it is for companies to keep this marketing strategy at the forefront of their marketing tools.

Unfortunately personal email accounts won’t help, trust me you will need more for the volume of emails you intend to send. This is where the capabilities of your email service provider come in handy.

Select your email service provider

ESP provides you with the infrastructure you need to send large volumes of emails at the same time. ESPs help you manage your mailing list and deliver emails to your customers’ inboxes.

While it is possible to use an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Gmail, this is actually not recommended as they are for personal use and not for email campaigns. This explains why they lack the necessary design, bandwidth capabilities and infrastructure for delivery.

With ESP, you can easily create, optimize and personalize your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is governed by law and these email service providers help you comply with the law.

Every email goes through spam filters

When a large volume of emails is sent from your ISP, the chances are high that they will be flagged as suspicious. Using an ISP puts you at risk of your emails being marked as spam and your account disabled, save yourself the trouble and use ESP.

There are many options to choose from, narrow them down by determining what features you need based on your future needs. The quality of your ESP will affect the deliverability and functionality of your email marketing.

Build and expand your list

Never buy your mailing list. Apart from the fact that mailing list purchases are often logged by spam filters, these are not the people you want to be on your mailing list. You need people who really want to be there, otherwise you will end up with a ton of unsubscribe and a bad reputation that will be difficult to fix.

You want to be able to convert potential customers into customers and one-time customers into regular customers, this is only possible if you can attract those customers. However, how do you get interest from potential customers?

Stimulate with a lead magnet

Most ESPs allow you to create subscription forms for your website to help grow your mailing list. You must provide these potential customers with an incentive (lead magnet) in exchange for their email addresses.

The content you provide to your potential customers should be FREE, actionable, and easily accessible. The lead magnet should be of high quality as it gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise to these potential customers.

I’ve noticed that you are wondering what kind of lead magnet can you offer? Here are some useful examples:

Free online course. Free PDF manual. Practical guides. Coupons. Free consultation.

Make sure what you offer matches what you will be offering if they subscribe to your list. As with the subscription option, it is equally important for you to provide an easy way to unsubscribe and get an idea of ​​your solution through the feedback option. You will want to keep your unsubscribe rate low, one way to do this is to provide your growing list with personalized content.

Personalize your email

You want to build the trust of your prospects and customers, you can do this by adding some personal touch to the content you send them. Nobody wants to read an email that sounds like it was written by a robot. Your customers want to feel like you value them and their time.

What can you do to add personality to your emails?

Speak as if you are speaking to one person, not hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands – one. Address them on a personal level, for example, you can refer to them by name in the subject line and in the content of your email. Use more friendly and personal phrases such as “Tom, I know you will love this!” as opposed to “We know our customers will love this.” Using humor in your emails can have a lasting positive impact on those who read them. Use behavioral emails based on how customers have previously interacted with your brand.

Segmenting your list also adds some personality to your emails as you are not sending the same content to all of your leads and customers.

Segment your list

Segmenting your email list will increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Personalized emails generate an average ROI of 122%, according to a Litmus report. This is a valuable tactic used to provide your listing with more relevant content based on specific criteria.

An example would be providing content related to your customer’s position on the purchase journey, or these:

Interests. Demography. Does not love. Purchase history.

By sending more relevant emails, you are more likely to increase your open rate and engagement, as well as reduce your unsubscribe rates. Bulk emailing your list is nowhere near as effective as sending targeted emails to segmented groups.

Let’s take a look at how segmented campaigns differ from non-segmented campaigns. Here are some stats from a study by MailChimp:

The open rate for segmented campaigns is 14.31% higher than for non-segmented campaigns. The CTR for segmented campaigns is 100.95% higher than for non-segmented campaigns. The unsubscribe rate for segmented campaigns is 9.37% lower than for non-segmented campaigns.

As you can see, it’s worth it. Sending relevant emails to the right subscribers will give you better results. Once you’ve set up the necessary measures to expand your list and personalize your customer experience, you’re ready to keep this content on the move.

What is email newsletter?

An email campaign is when a company sends a one-time email or series of emails over a period of time to its list. Email campaigns should be guided by one goal and one call to action (CTA) – what do you want your followers to do?

The CTA will depend on where your subscribers are in your sales funnel, for example, promoting a high-quality offer to someone new to your list is unlikely to be successful.

Email marketing services like Systeme make it much easier to create and automate your email campaigns. Having a clear goal will help you in the creation process and in measuring the success of your campaigns.

What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Here are some general goals:

Welcome new subscribers. To increase your engagement. To attract subscribers again. Educate existing subscribers. Promote a new product

To maximize the success of your campaigns, you need to make sure you have a strategy tuned for every step of your customer journey. A typical example of this is an introductory email for all of your new subscribers. This is their first step towards your brand.

Send an introductory email

New subscribers deserve a warm welcome, right? An introductory email is a great opportunity to make a positive first impression. You should never offer a paid offer the first time you contact a prospect – this will undoubtedly increase your unsubscribe rates.

This is your time to set the stage for what they can expect of you in the future. This is your promise to your list and you should never break it. Build the trust you need by following and living up to the expectations you set.

How often will you send emails to your list? Be sure to let your subscribers know and stick to this schedule. Anything more and less will affect your engagement and increase your unsubscribe rates. Luckily, autoresponders are here to save you time and effort by ensuring that you stick to this mailing schedule.

Use autoresponders

Autoresponders are a common feature provided by most email marketing services that automate the sending of your emails. You can automate your email campaigns to send them exactly when you need them. They can also be triggered by certain actions that your subscribers take, in accordance with the rules and time intervals you set.

For example, you can automatically send:

Confirmation emails. Transactional emails. Re-engage customers. Welcome letters.

Remember to always remember your ultimate goal and only write to subscribers if you offer something really valuable. If you don’t provide anything of value and start an email campaign for the sake of it, you can rest assured that your emails will end up in the trash. Or worse, they’ll mark your emails as spam.

But how do you know if your digital marketing efforts are working? There is no need to speculate, with marketing analytics you can gain valuable insights to determine the success of your campaign:

Find out how your customers are responding to your campaign. Get an idea of ​​areas that may need improvement.

Use marketing analytics

To measure the success of your campaign and gain insight into areas that may need improvement, you need to use marketing analytics. The good news is that most email service providers have built-in tools to help you track and optimize your marketing.

Several of key metrics you can track include:

Delivery. Open rate. CTR. Bounce rate. Unsubscribe rate. Conversion rate.

The metrics you consider to be the most important will depend on your goals, but having this data is incredibly valuable to you and your business.

With access to this data, you will have the metrics you need to start experimenting with A / B tests. A / B testing or split testing will allow you to determine which approach is more effective. If you are interested in learning more about A / B testing, you may find this link helpful.

Summing up

Email marketing and using a professional email service provider can help your business reach new heights. The potential for this incredibly powerful marketing tool is truly limitless. We hope this guide helps you get started with email marketing.

Remember to always deliver something of value every time you email your list. Success lies in the trust you build and the effort you put in. Plus, you can always test multiple ESPs to determine which one is best for your business needs.

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