Summary of SAFe Agilist Training and Certification Course

SAFe’s leading safety certification and industry leading training have gained international recognition. When it comes to large-scale Agile projects that provide a consistent, reliable and valid procedure for assessing SAFe thinking, knowledge and skills, the Agilist SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) certification is the most well-known approach.

The Leading Safe Certification course is a two-day course during which participants are taught the value of mastering business agility so they can thrive in the digital age and gain knowledge that can be used to drive a Lean-Agile enterprise by influencing SAFe.

What are the main features of SAFe Agilist Training?

Key Features of Scale Agile Framework Agilist Training:

Trainees undergo two-day classroom training. They also receive virtual classes for two days conducted on an online platform. SPC provides training SAFe Agilist exam fee included in Leading training on SAFe Course participants receive a certified membership for one year as a SAFe Agilist. They receive fifteen PMI PDUs.

What is eligibility for the SAFe Aglilist training course?

In this section, we will discuss who can apply for the SAFe Certification Training Course. The Scaled Agile Framework or SAFeAgilist course is suitable for solution architects, corporate architects, process managers, portfolio managers, product managers, project managers, project and program managers, VPSs, directors, quality analysts, senior managers, and executives.

We encourage people who want to help their organization learn how to implement Lean-Agile to participate in the SAFe Agile training course and receive Leading safety certification

What are the prerequisites for SAFe Agile certification?

There are no formal requirements for taking a SAFe Agile Certification Training Course. However, participants are encouraged to have at least five years of experience in project management, business analysis, testing, or software development. There is another recommendation for the prerequisite, which states that participants in the Leading SAFe curriculum must have a basic knowledge of Agile Scrum.

What skills are covered by the SAFe Agilist Certification course?

The SAFe Agilist Leading Certification Course covers the following skills of participants:

They teach participants to support Lean-Agile. Participants learn techniques for unlocking intrinsic motivation. SAFe Agile training covers framework configuration. Participants will learn how to manage their Lean-Agile portfolio. The course covers the skills of organizing value streams. successfully complete a series of Agile releases. Finally, the certification course includes the Safe application

The SAFe Aligist certification and training course explores systems thinking, DevOps, agile development, and the SAFe principles that are inherited from Lean product development. During the course, participants discuss methods of coordinating the flow of value and creating technical and team agility. Finally, the focus is on the importance of thinking that benefits the consumer.

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