Seeking Personal Advantage in the High Tech Age: Vice President Raffi Kodikian talks about success

It’s not just how much money you make or what title you hold to be successful. A professional who is truly successful in his or her career or business will also be able to enjoy life, have meaningful connections, and live a life that he or she can be proud of.

Founders Professional Vice President for Professional Responsibility of Lawyers Raffi Kodikyan knows how hard it is to work hard to achieve real success and find the advantage that sets you apart from others. It invites professionals to focus on a multi-faceted approach when it comes to the role of an agent in the high-tech era.

Take pride in your work

To be a great insurance salesperson and a successful professional, you need to be honest and enthusiastic. When you do work, says Raffi Kodikyan, you should be proud of what you do. Not only should your work be something you can admire, but the work you do itself should be your best effort.

In many cases, the top reasons for disinterest include low pay, a tough job, or a job you don’t like. If you’re struggling to find a solid work ethic, you may need to pursue a different career or different work environment.

Know your product (and your customer)

Selling something like insurance can mean complex products that are often difficult to understand. One thing humans can do better than machines is related to others. You can answer questions that your customers don’t even ask (but should be). When you know your product and your customer, you can offer that personal benefit.

Your customers don’t want to browse the website and be sure they are asking Google the right questions about their coverage needs. They rely on you as an expert. To maintain an edge, don’t go through the same sites and descriptions they have to answer their questions (bad). Know your products before someone knocks and get to know your customers before they sit down to chat.

Keep your business short

Form personal relationships with your customers that are not exclusively business-related. It helps if you can hit it off on things like golf, fishing, sports, cooking, or whatever your client likes to do in their free time.

They are bombarded with cold calls and marketing messages all day long. Be a breath of fresh air and keep your sentences short, meaningful, and accurate. Don’t sell them on something, but help them find the solutions they really need.

Stay on top of updates and tactics

The world is changing too quickly to stay in one place for long. Take time each year to learn new things about how to sell to your customers or what tools you can use to help them. You won’t be the best if you stick to old tactics or processes. If you are not up to date with the latest policies or laws, you may end up giving your clients bad advice.

There are so many digital tools out there to help you succeed and improve your communication skills. With everything you need, tracking your activity and connecting with potential customers is easier than ever.

Learn from the best (and then learn)

Raffi Kodikyan would not be where he is today if there were no great mentors and supportive teams on his way. It takes a whole group to create a successful company. Try to take advantage of any opportunities to learn and grow from those around you. And then make sure you do justice to being a mentor to someone else.

It might seem like you’re not doing too much at all, says Raffi Kodikyan, but a positive voice of support and friendly criticism can help someone in the industry learn to work better as a team. The more people join the cause, the better the whole group becomes.

Enjoy your free time

In order to spend your free time, you must have free time. Raffi Kodikyan says that professionals need to conserve their free time and do something unrelated to work when they have it. Whether it’s hanging out with the family, playing golf, gardening, relaxing on the lake, or taking a long walk along a nature trail, too many great things are ignored in the name of business.

Your mind should relax and your body should remain strong. Raffi Kodikyan says many fun activities can include other benefits that can help you gain an edge when it comes to business. Not only will you be able to learn a new way of communicating with the client, but you will also be more attentive because your brain is sharper after a mental break.

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