Platincoin by Alex Reinhardt enters the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm in the past few years and more and more people are jumping to cryptocurrency. Platincoin is the latest in the list of fast growing cryptocurrencies.

PLATINCOIN is a mass market cryptocurrency that allows each member to develop and generate income using blockchain technology without any special technical knowledge and regardless of age, education or wealth.

The cryptocurrency was founded by Alex Reinhardt in 2016 and has grown rapidly. Alex explains the growing success of Platincoin with his vast knowledge of cryptocurrency trading and many years of experience as a merchant.

When asked what is the purpose of a blockchain technology like Platincoin, Alex replies: “The main goal is to help people get passive income and increase their income. It works with simple technology, making it easy for people of all categories to start creating a stream of passive income. “

The crypto industry is seeing massive growth and new coins are being issued at high frequency, but it is very important that people know what is safe for them to ensure they are investing in the right place.

PLATINCOIN has over 600,000 users worldwide in over 120 countries. In fact, their coin has also gone up significantly 5,000% since launch!

Speaking about the same, Alex shares: “PLATINCOIN users get a printing press, only it does not print paper dollars, but the digital cryptocurrency PLATINCOIN, which can be exchanged for the same dollars or other cryptocurrencies on numerous exchanges.”

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