Jessica Hawkes, College Dropout, Turns Six-Figure Entrepreneur To Show How To Start An Online Career

The online landscape is full of opportunities as entrepreneurs learn to harness the power of the Internet and businesses adapt to the digital realm. It is here, on this playground, that many people find their niches, their hobbies and profits in order to make a profit at the same time! If you have the drive and desire to learn; right here you have the opportunity to build your career on your own terms!

This is exactly what Business mentor and virtual assistant coach Jessica Hawkes made. Jessica, a seasoned VA turned mentor, made her way into the online sector as a virtual assistant, quadrupling her income in 4 months and hitting several six figures within a year. Jessica’s work has even been seen featured in several online publications; including Yahoo! news, In the know, TEC So and VIP Global Magazine

With the success of her VA business, Jessica has become TEC So To share her business management tricks and strategies with other young creative people and eventually go viral, she has now been able to build a team of experts that empowers and supports other entrepreneurs to become virtual assistants and digital workers around the world. “I know what it feels like to be lost and unsure of how you can create a life to be proud of, where you can travel, make your own schedule, and truly enjoy what you do.– explains Jessica. “I was in the same boat and now I am helping others who are in my position to create this life for themselves!

To get an idea of ​​what opportunities are available for those looking to get involved in digital business, Jessica shared her opinion on the roles that are most popular. All of these roles have tremendous potential and do not require any formal education to get started; only a willingness to learn and a passion for success!

Careers in the top 5 online providers:

Technical virtual assistant

This niche is ideal for an analytic, solution-driven brain, from managing help desk requests to building workflows in the software your customer is using.

Creative virtual assistant

From photography and graphic design to witty captions and storytelling templates, this niche is perfect for creative visionaries who have always drew homework in class.

Social media manager

Every business relies on social media and we all know how long it takes! This niche is for smart people who love strategy and community building.

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

From social media to websites and everything in between, an attractive design and a nice layout are so important! This niche is for the tech-savvy, resourceful dreamer who wants to do things their own way.


From signatures to blogs to emails, your words have a huge impact! If you have the ability to write and communicate, then copywriting on the Internet is for you!

As a virtual assistant, you wear many different hats and may end up trying several of these roles. Fear not if your skills and hobbies do not exactly match these contours, the more experience and knowledge you gain in various fields will help develop your skills in general and help you better find your niche.

Jessica and her professional VA team have put together a wealth of resources for anyone looking to start their career. From 10 hours + free live lessons to carefully selected courses and programs. Jessica has all your virtual business and online business building needs! Her Digital Millennial Masterclass is a live event of over 4 hours that gives you the foundation to successfully launch your new business, while Digital Creativity Academy is a 10-week intensive program with structured lessons, private access to Jessica and her network of supportive trainers, guest experts and exclusive exercises.

Connect with Jessica Hawkes through her Web site, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or TEC So pages, and immerse yourself in the growth, scale and success of the VA industry by developing ethical and sustainable business practices today!

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