Getting Arrested for DUI – 5 Things to Consider

You don’t just have to be intoxicated to be charged with DUI. You, too, can be under the influence of drugs. So, if you find yourself in a bad position to be accused of drunk driving, here’s what you should do from the moment the police arrest you.

Take it easy

You should never fight cops. The charges against which you will be charged may be more serious – you still resist arrest.

By staying calm, you can better analyze the situation. Although the police may have arrested you, the circumstances under which they stopped and checked your alcohol level may have been illegal. This could lead to the rejection of all collected evidence.

Get your car

The police will take you to the station. This means that your car will be towed. To get it back, you will have to pay the towing company out of your pocket. You will be told which company took your vehicle, as well as all the details on how you can return it.

Arrange the release of the vehicle as soon as possible. Otherwise, your car could have been sold.


Processing can take several hours. The police will most likely take your mug along with your fingerprints. You may also be questioned about an incident that happened – you will be asked about the circumstances in which you find yourself.

If you are committing an offense for the first time, processing may take even longer. After all, the system doesn’t record about you.

All drunk driving charges are serious. However, the one you are accused of can be especially bad. It could be a felony – you got caught driving drunk with a child in your car, you hurt or killed someone. See a good lawyer.


The police can release you on bail. You are allowed to contact someone to pay the fees. We work with the best surety attorney close to you is important as you can lower your rate.

How serious the drunk driving fee is will affect the amount of the deposit you have to pay. For example, if this is your second DUI, the margin will be high.


Your sentence remains pending trial. If you do not have a lawyer, one will be assigned to you. Review the events that happened to the lawyer. As mentioned, there might have been a mistake due to which all the collected evidence was invalidated.

If you relapse, you will most likely be sent to jail. Regardless of whether you commit the offense for the first time or repeatedly, your driver’s license will be suspended.

You may be wondering what kind of punishment you face if you are not sent to jail? Probation. It will be at least one year.

Let’s summarize. Nobody wants to be arrested for DUI. However, don’t resist the officers; this could lead to a harsher sentence. Be sure to find a good lawyer – he or she will create the best defense against a case against you.

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