Finding Healing on the Path to Success

Newly published author Samantine Zeno knows what it takes to receive true healing. In her book Joy: Five Lights That Will Clarify Your Best Personality Through Pain, Samantine shares five secrets that enabled her to integrate her pain into progress rather than letting her control it.

Samantine found that as she pursued every dream, she discovered a new side for herself: the actress, the orator, the creator, and now the author. Past adversity may have made the journey a little longer, but they also made it stronger. Now, this native of Hatiana wants to use her healing story to inspire others from disadvantaged backgrounds. She prides herself on being a testimony of healing that motivates others to take the first step.

Samantine took her first step towards counseling in college after experiencing a life-changing emotional collapse. During the therapy sessions, she addressed her past traumas and parental abuse, which led to her destructive behavior. Her personal breakthrough in mental health has allowed her to educate others who also cope with childhood trauma.

She hopes her recent posting will open up dialogue for survivors so that they too can receive help and begin to heal from past trauma. This survivor has certainly learned to defend herself and believes that hardship leads to success.

In search of Samantine’s healing, the Wildfire Shop was born. She unleashed her inner creativity and began using graphic design as an outlet for her mental health. On her website, you will find a variety of personal design items such as mugs, T-shirts, face masks, and more. Each design and quote is inspired by the moments that have shaped her into who she is today. It is a reminder to everyone that with the right mindset, we can make our wildest dreams come true.

“In my own skin, I will always win.” In addition to Samantine’s online store, she also blogs. Topics range from fashion and travel to her own history and mental health. There’s also the option to subscribe to her newsletter to receive news on everything from her latest book publication to blog articles, speeches and more.

As a successful actress, speaker, lawyer, content creator, and writer, Samantine has proven that you can have whatever you want if you just keep on dreaming. Her work has been featured in prominent publications including The Associated Press, Insider, Huffpost, Coveteur, Thrive Global, Medium, and more.

Samantine realized that personal success comes from realizing that every dream is worth living. “Even if you have to dream alone, keep dreaming,” says the creative. “This is how I ended up where I am today.” Ultimately, Samantine hopes to inspire others like her from dysfunctional families.

So how does Samantine see herself in 5 years? “Let’s just say, for me, even the sky is not the limit,” laughs Samantina. “I have big dreams and I will take small steps to make them come true. As an actress, I want to continue to produce and direct films and start my own production company. Now I am writing my first full-length film. My biggest dream is to make films that tell true stories about culture, family dynamics and inspiring stories that make people think beyond the surface. ”

Looking back at where she started and where she is today, she is grateful to continue. If she could say anything to others who are in the process of making their passions a reality, it would be to focus on building a solid foundation. “This is what will make your business successful,” says Samantine. “It actually takes years to build a business, and in many cases you won’t be able to make money in the first few steps. But if you stay true to your foundation and do your best, it will happen. Don’t let fear steal your dreams! ”

Samantine found that as she pursued every dream, she discovered a new side for herself – the actress, the orator, the creator, and now the author. On the way to healing, she found powers that she did not even know about. Samantine hopes to use her healing story to inspire others. She prides herself on being a light for others that will hopefully get them to take the first step.

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