Fashion authority, entrepreneur, brand strategist and trendsetter; Chris Chang.

Chris Chung is a new fashion entrepreneur poised to disrupt and take over the fashion industry and digital marketing space. With many competitors in the fashion industry, it takes a special effort for any person or company to stand out from the competition and let their brand speak for itself.

Chris Chung has made great strides in building brand awareness for his company, Locate 852, and has achieved tremendous recognition and a special place in the industry.

Extremely passionate about the fashion industry, Chris’s hard work and interest have put him in a solid position in the industry. Chris was very confident that this would be an exciting career opportunity for him, moreover, he felt that it never felt like a job, but it was all about enjoying the job. Chris is now not only an entrepreneur but also a key fashion influencer, brand strategist, social media marketer, and advisor to countless clients.

Chris began conceptualizing and coming up with ideas from a young age, and then, with the advent of the world of social media, he jumped at the opportunity to create huge brand awareness programs and became a key factor in influencing people. Today, he is a successful Facebook advertising strategist and helps to place brands in key areas for high visibility.

It has helped many clients get the attention they need online and thereby increased traffic to their respective brands. Chris believes that social media apps give brands huge hopes of being noticed and getting the information they need about businesses. Creating valuable content and grabbing the attention of users is also a key element in strategically placing your brand online.

He mentions that “Content is king because, in his words, fashion is aesthetics and therefore your Instagram content should reflect the best of the best.” Chris also mentioned that there are many external parameters to consider when promoting your brand online, such as purchasing behavior, target audience, age group, current markets, etc.

Hailing from a good and wealthy family, Chris has always had a penchant for advertising and marketing and wanted to pursue a full-time career there by starting his own business. All the hard work and struggles that have been done in the past have allowed him to enjoy the recognition and popularity that he receives in the fashion industry today.

Chris has worked with many fashion brands such as Apple Music, Boohoo, Boohooman, Cornerstone, Deliveroo, Dior Parfums, Forever 21, Nokia, Paul Smith, Proper Corn, Ralph Lauren, Specsavers ( Ted Baker and Vitabiotics. They also garnered many reviews from well-known public figures such as David Melzer, Kevin O’Leary and Bethenny Frankel.

Chris continues to work hard in life and with global aspirations in mind, they want to achieve more and more. Follow him on Instagram @chrisichung.

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