Expert Secrets Revealed From International Multi-Platinum Certified Producer & Elite Success Trainer Geo Slam

When music performers learn to master their “inner playing”, they go to a completely new level of consciousness. And they achieve a level of success that they could not even dream of before!

These words come from Geo Slam, an international certified multi-platinum producer, and he knows what he’s talking about.

After 10 years at the highest level in the Hollywood music industry,

Taking part in the production of albums and singles, which together have sold over 50 million copies worldwide, and being among the largest music stars on the planet every day,

He saw, experienced and was able to structure, analyze and systematize what allows the world’s elite music artists to perform with maximum efficiency even under extreme pressure, stress, and sometimes inhuman circumstances!

“Seeing how music artists, actors, leaders and distinguished personalities build their careers and are guided by their Core Values, Core Messages and Core Missions was exciting for me and made me see and understand the true secret of their results and achievements of world domination.” says Geo. Slam.

Emotional mastery, spirituality, and extreme performance combine to enable you to act on a whole new level, while your abilities and inner resources operate from a new “state of being.”

Next level thinking, next level results, leads to the next level of success.

In addition to his career in music, Geo Slam is a certified professional NLP and timeline trainer.

He is certified by the Professional Coaching Association, the European NLP Community and the International NLP Federation.

Specializes in timeline, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Mastery and Elite Peak Performance Coaching).

Geo Slam states that his interest in combining his music career with elite coaching began when he attended the Tony Robbins Elite VIP coaching program.

One technique I use is aligning the different stages of the transition for the Artist.

The first step is always to establish and define the artist’s core values, core ideas and core life mission.

I then use emotional mastery coaching to define and remove the artist’s invisible personal boundaries and self-sabotaging behavior so that the artist and I can begin to align with their true intentions at every stage of their career plan.

Find your personal path in deep analytics and from there create your personal roadmap in your life and career.

They learn to create their own definition of success and how to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being in different states of mind.

Science is behind happiness and satisfaction. By discovering or defining your True Purpose and Passion in life and structure and building your career on this foundation, you will stand firmly on your feet in any situation and begin to lead a lifestyle that matches your inner and outer world.

When it comes to setting goals, developing a mindset, and building positive habits, working based on your core values, core message, and core mission is critical to achieving and achieving your personal stream of consciousness.

This leads to permanent positive changes within you.

Again, next-level thinking, next-level results, leads to the next level of success.

We never stand still in life, we are constantly growing and moving, and our Energies are in constant motion.

We just need to learn how to tune and direct these Energies in the direction that best serves us, our Personal path and career.

Success is a natural part of our life.

Go out and live your “personal success” and do the way you live YOUR LIFE!

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