Expert Media Buyer Sean Severs Explains How To Leverage Your Brand Story To Drive Sales

Storytelling techniques can create or destroy a brand. The ability to create a compelling brand story determines the overall success of a company. Used smartly, brand storytelling can be a valuable asset in engaging an audience.

However, many find it difficult to navigate the ever-changing marketing assets in our increasingly digitalized world. This is where competent marketing agencies like Storyline Marketing come to the rescue.

As a consulting platform dedicated to developing the entrepreneurial potential of businesses on their path to ever-growing success, Storyline Marketing has amassed an impressive portfolio of helping entrepreneurs to fully exploit their online marketing potential.

Agency founder Sean Severs sat down with us to share his brand experience through carefully crafted, cutting-edge marketing and management assets.

Define your mission

We need brands that not only satisfy our functional needs, but also make us feel comfortable.

A quick glance at the most famous and commercially successful brands shows their unwavering dedication to their mission. The brand’s mission goes beyond the product or service being sold. It should reflect who you are and what you stand for.

“Because your brand is a reflection of what you stand for, it must be fully aligned with the values ​​and goals of your company or organization,” says Sean.

Earn customer loyalty

95% of purchasing decisions are driven by human emotion, not logic. Any successful brand makes significant efforts to improve customer service and build loyalty and trust in their brand. The best marketers are concerned not only with displaying objective facts about their products, but also with those facts reaching the hearts of audiences.

“The human being does everything possible to feel represented and to be part of something greater than themselves – this is a higher power that a person can identify with and acquire,” says Sean.

Use the best marketing assets

The biggest problem with modern marketing is that many people know very few effective marketing tools (in fact, there are more than 5,000 of them). Mastering the best marketing techniques is a measure of success for any business.

“When you work with Storyline Marketing, you not only understand how we are increasing conversions with our strategy. You will learn something new about your customer base, which you never knew existed, as they express themselves in these applications, providing you with useful information.

John Wick Status is what we call it, ”says Sean.

Stay positive no matter what

To reach your full potential, you must become the best version of yourself. Since everyone is different, you need to define your unique success rate. And for this, you first need to get to know yourself better.

“Regardless of which career path you choose, even if you are unsure about certain things, give yourself time for split tests and evaluations. If that sounds right, double up. If it doesn’t, after a convenient period of time, move on and never rate it as a loss. Think of it as an adventure you are traveling on, ”says Sean.

Get expert help

Even seasoned business owners admit that they do not fully understand the patterns of customer behavior on the Internet. They struggle to keep up with the various marketing tools needed to unleash the full potential of their business. This is why they choose to invest in online marketing agencies like Storyline Marketing.

Sean Severs has already demonstrated his ability as an accomplished media strategist who helps clients grow their businesses. Now he wishes to devote his life to helping you fulfill a similar mission.

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