Exclusive Interview with Deepak Gupta on IT Innovation and Cybersecurity

The development of artificial intelligence has made the impossible possible. Technology has become an indispensable element in all aspects, be it entertainment, business advertising, news, or daily necessities. Ideally, technology has changed the way we work for the better.

From high-speed communications to digital applications, software and platforms, advanced technologies are making life easier for people in endless ways. While technology adoption is accelerating across all sectors of the economy, including healthcare, business, finance, and more, many IT infrastructures are constantly becoming prime targets for advanced cybercriminal networks, almost daily.

According to statistics, the number of costly cyber violations is constantly growing and is expected to double by 2025. Cyber ​​threats are currently among the top five threats facing the world today. With the relentless dedication, research and innovation of leading industry experts who keep the IT world afloat even when cyber threats are at their peak.

Among the few cybersecurity experts transforming the world through their creativity and innovation is Deepak Gupta… He is one of the leading cybersecurity architects, application and platform developers, and a popular keynote speaker, helping enterprises overcome the ever-growing cyberthreats and data breaches while enhancing the customer experience. He is currently the co-founder and CTO of the company To come in

Mr. Gupta has over 15 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity software development. Deepak is the author of 4 books and is an official member Forbes Technology Council… As a visionary leader who knows nothing of the impossible, he developed To come in from scratch and turned it into a global masterpiece, reaching over 1 billion users and serving over 150,000 developers worldwide.

Hi Deepak! We are very pleased to welcome you to our media. Could you tell us about yourself and your business?

Thanks for your invitation. I am a serial tech entrepreneur, developer, cybersecurity architect, writer, and keynote speaker. Since childhood, I have been interested in computers and technology. At the age of 16, I started learning to program. Fast-forward to 2008, when I completed my MSc in Computer Science with a degree in Computer Programming, Networking, Cybersecurity, and Forensics.

In my entrepreneurial journey, I have opened many successful technology businesses and have helped grow many international companies in a short period of time. LoginRadius is a leading provider of cloud-based digital identity solutions that inspires business owners to implement simple authentication and single sign-on while protecting customer accounts.

How do you think technology will change the way you do business?

Innovation has always been a basic human desire. Thus, many companies release updated versions of their products. Whether we’re talking about drones, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or 5G, people have embraced them. Therefore, it is not surprising if something remarkable comes out of sadness. People trust technology because of its accuracy. Therefore, businesses should upgrade their systems to offer customers disruptive solutions.

During the pandemic, the use of technology by businesses and customers increased exponentially. This scenario has led to customers in the habit of ordering products online instead of physically visiting stores. And this habit becomes more evident over time. Even small businesses can scale their growth with technology. And with the various tools available, employees can save time and take productivity and efficiency to the next level. Automation systems have also helped organizations reduce business costs.

Technology saved several businesses from bankruptcy due to restrictions that made work impossible. It goes without saying that technology has become one of the most reliable alternatives to telecommuting. Millions of people around the world have started working from home and are making a living from the comfort of their homes, which improves their work-life balance.

What do you think companies should be concerned about with technology advances?

With the use of technology, businesses can serve thousands of people every day at incredible speed. Thus, the amount of data stored in business systems is rapidly increasing. As technology adoption accelerates, companies need robust cybersecurity to protect their critical information from data thieves and fraudsters.

If a customer finds a bug on the websites, they most likely won’t buy your product. And if a company does experience data breaches, it will be relatively difficult to restore customer trust and your reputation in the industry. Cybersecurity is essential to safeguarding company information, transactions, customer data, and the overall security of critical IT infrastructure and building a successful business.

Another important element to worry about is customer service. There may be thousands of companies selling similar products. To be unique, an organization must focus on customer satisfaction. Starting with registration, the user interface must be flawless and secure. After all, customers are willing to pay more for a service if the quality is more reliable.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge. It was very interesting to hear about your personal growth, as well as the importance of technology in business and innovation. To come in

To contact us and get more information from Deepak Gupta, he can be contacted through his official website: https://guptadeepak.com/

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