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UP Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni: The government of Uttar Pradesh has made all state land records available on an online portal. Now anyone can see the details of their land, sitting at home. The official website of the UP Bhulekh Portal was launched by the government of Uttar Pradesh to view information on land records. Through this portal, residents of Uttar Pradesh can see all the details of their land. This portal was launched to systematically manage day-to-day land accounting activities. Through this portal, you can see UP Bhulekh (यू पी भूलेख) Khasra, Khatauni, Land Map and other information.

UP Buleh Hasra Khatauni 2021

Prior to the launch of UP Bhulekh, residents of the state had to visit government offices to obtain detailed information about their land, such as Jamabandi, Hasra, Khatauni, a map of the area and other important information. Because of this, people had to face many difficulties. Therefore, the government made all land-related entries online on UP Bhulekh. Now any citizen of the state can easily see information about his land on the portal.

Highlights of UP Bhulekh Khasra Khatoni Jamabandi Nakal

The name of UP Bhulekh Land Records, Hasra Khatauni, launched by the government of Uttar Pradesh. Beneficiaries are citizens of Uttar Pradesh. UP ground map official website upbhunaksha.gov.in/bhunaksha/09/index.html#home-pane

Purpose of the portal UP Bhulekh upbhulekh.gov.in

UP Bhulekh Portal is a fully computerized system that is very systematic and transparent compared to the previous system. Through this portal, residents of Uttar Pradesh can easily check their land records while sitting at home. The main purpose of this portal is to make it easy for residents of the state to get detailed information about their land so that they do not need to travel anywhere. With the launch of the UP Bhulekh portal, people’s time and money will be saved.

What do you need to do to follow Uttar Pradesh Bhuleh Jamabandi, Hasra Khatauni?

First of all, you need to visit the official UP Bhulekh portal http://upbhulekh.gov.in/. You will now be taken to the UP Bhulekh home page. How many options will appear in front of you, in which you must click on “View a copy of Hatauni (Record rights)”. After clicking, a page will open in front of you, where you must enter the captcha code and click the submit button. After that, a page will open in front of you, where you must select the necessary information, such as district, tehsil, village, hasra / khatauni number or survey number, or rental information. First, you need to select an area. After that, you have to choose a techsil and a village. After selecting a village, you must select any of the options “Search by Hasra / Gata Number”, “Search by Account Number”, “Search by Account Name”, “Search by Transfer Date” and fill out this form. Click Search. Now all information about your Bhulekh will appear on the computer screen in front of you.

UP Bhu Naksha procedure

If you want to see the UP Bhu-Naksha of your place, you need to follow the steps given below. First of all, you need to visit the official portal of UP Bhu Naksha. To visit the official portal http://upbhunaksha.gov.in/bhunaksha/09/index.html#home-pane, click on this link. After that, a page will open in front of you, on which you must fill in the option “State”, “District”, “Techsil” and “Village”. After filling in all the parameters, click on “Show detailed information about land types.” Now a ground map of your village will open in front of you. Here you can see the details of your location. Alternatively, you can also download a map of your land.

Direct link for online check UP Bhulekh 2021

Check Bhulekh Hasra Khatauni online Check here => https://onlinegyanpoint.in/up-bhulekh-khasra-khatoni-verification-2020/ Bhulekh UP, check Bhulekh record online View a copy of Khatauni Find UP Unique code / Gata code Find UP Hasra Code, Khatauni Village Code View Copy Bhuleh Khatauni View TOP Bhu Naqsha / Bhuleh Online

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