Everything you need to know about the youth icon Mrinal Kishore, owner of the Bobis group of companies

A single-minded and devoted soul always competes with itself to achieve its dreams and achievements.
purpose of life. Mrinal Kishore Singh, a young entrepreneur from Bihar – ideal
an example of a determined soul who made her dreams come true through various struggles. His
Full life is a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs not only in Bihar, but everywhere.

If you need to learn methods to achieve a minimum
resources, he should learn it from Mrinal! His journey was not so easy, but great
an example of how not to back down and how to do your best in the most critical situations.

Mrinal Kishore Singh

He is the founder of the Bobis group of companies. This is one of the leading events & amp;
Trade show companies and IT security solution providers in India.

Bobis India is definitely a company from Bihar, but its services are not limited to
state, and also offer services to other states, including Jharkhand, Delhi and Orissa, to
name a few.

early years

Mrinal Kishore comes from a middle-class family and his childhood was similar to
an ordinary middle-class child. He was born in 1990 in the Samastipur district of Bihar.

He was very lucky with his upbringing and education. His parents never
made a compromise to fulfill any of his wishes. However, the family had its share of adversity, like any other middle-class family. His father was the only earning member of the family. Thus, he wanted Mrinal to study hard and do something.
good for both him and his family.

Initially, Mrinal knew little about career choices, so he decided to use fashion design as a career opportunity. So he came to Patna and entered the NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Design). Mrinal, being a naive small-town guy, started his city life, not knowing that this could be a turning point in his life.

College days

Entering the prestigious NIFT college is a dream of many, but Mrinal did not have the impression in his head that he was NIFTIAN. He studied a lot, but was not satisfied, as his heart wanted to do something better than that. In addition to his studies, he then began organizing college events, participated in seminars, and also began attending management courses. Then he realized that it was his keen interest in running the event!

The first ever achievement

Mrinal was recognized as the “Best Event Coordinator” by the management of his college. The moment Mrinal was holding the trophy in his hand, he thought that this is what he wants to do in his life. This is what made him happy, compassionate and complete.

Difficult decision

The moment he decided on his life purpose, Mrinal left NIFT! He returned to his hometown. His parents were in trouble when they learned that their son had dropped out. They were a little pissed off, but it was obvious! His father, who was the only earning member of the family, asked him to go back to college, but Mrinal stuck to his decision and focused on his life goal.

Founding of the Bobis group of companies

They say, “God helps them, those who help themselves.” Mrinal struggled to fulfill his dream. He got his first paid job at Mahindra, a leading Indian brand. To find out more and to help his father, he took the job.

After a long struggle and hardship, Mrinal finally founded the Bobis group of companies. To our surprise, it is not only a popular company in Bihar, but also one of the leading Event & amp; Exhibition companies in India. Bobis has a track record of bringing many celebrities on board. Not only that, the company is known for providing opportunities for candidates who want to make their dreams come true.

Mrinal’s work trip

Mrinal came up with many unique event ideas. Vasant Utsav is one of the most popular government events organized by Mrinal Kishor in Bihar. He proposed the idea of ​​celebrating Vasant Utsava in Bihar in front of Mr. Nitish Kumar, Honorable CM of Bihar. The entire Bobis Entertainment team was congratulated on the successful organization of this grand event. The Bobis Group was founded in 2016 and in just 4 years the company has been doing wonders in event management.

“What I am today is the fruit of the opportunities I have and my wonderful team,” says Mrinal Kishore Singh with pride. His team has a real gem of hardworking and dedicated people.
to their work.

Mission of life

Mrinal currently owns 12 companies. The only reason to work in different areas is to know all these areas. His mission in life is not to make money or fame, but to do something for society. He wants to create good career opportunities for job seekers.

As everyone knows, Mrinal is a person who made herself on her own. He knows what difficulties & amp; the struggle he faced in achieving his dream. Therefore, he wants to support young talents in India to create something of their own, especially in the field
entertainment, event organization, etc.

Mrinal is an enthusiastic person who truly believes in creativity and hard work. He truly is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to abandon the monotony of middle-class life and build their empire.

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