Empowerment and Education – the work of the author Sharanya Haridas

Not every written word deserves attention. But when a writer like Sharanya Haridas puts his pen on paper … or his finger on the keyboard, the results are amazing. As a result, Haridasa’s work has sparked flames of inspiration around the world. Her work has positively impacted millions of people from all walks of life.

As more people awaken to her work, she has a domino effect, and more and more people open their eyes in time to benefit from the wisdom and enlightenment that she puts into her work.

Exceptional in many ways
Some of the hats that Haridas wears include: e-commerce expert, digital entrepreneur, author, journalist, and scholar. To date, she has received her Master of Arts from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras and her Master of Science from Columbia University in New York.

She also distinguished herself by founding a pioneering digital magazine while attending the Indian Institute of Technology and by being selected to join the Society of Professional Journalists while at Columbia University. But regardless of the hat she wears, its impact remains powerful and effective.

Inspire others through social media
As the master of the digital space, Sharanya Haridas has created influential profiles on various social media and professional networking platforms. She has over 7,000 followers on Instagram. Her Facebook page has a whopping 13,000 subscribers, and like other platforms, that number is growing every day.

On Twitter, the platform on which she is most active, she shares her work and thoughts, here Haridas has an impressive following – over 20,000 people! This powerful community of loyal followers and contacts across multiple platforms is a testament to Haridas’ huge impact in the digital space.

Moving mountains … in words
Seeking to empower other women in India, Haridas founded It So Brilliant magazine in 2012 while studying at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Subsequently, the magazine gained recognition locally and internationally as the first digital magazine aimed at young women in India and also one of a kind that year. This was not only a revolutionary step, but in doing so, Haridas demonstrated to millions of women in India and subsequently around the world that women can be revolutionary, successful and resourceful. The worldwide attention that the magazine has won was truly deserved.

As the creator of inspirational quotes, many of which are published on Goodreads, Haridas encourages his readers to overcome their challenges, strive for excellence, and remain positive.

Here are some examples of these quotes: “A generation is not determined by the possibilities it has, but by the choices it makes,” and “Modernity is a kind of tradition, and tradition itself is not a set of rules. It is a dialogue and a dialectical process – just as tradition influences us, we also influence and change traditions and culture. “

Messages like this provoke deep thought, help the reader think, and allow us to analyze our situations. In his words, Haridas allows his audience to reflect and grow emotionally and intellectually.

As an author, Haridas creates reading materials that equip audiences with information and give them new perspectives on life. In his collection of poems, The Tramp Speaks, Haridas takes his readers on a journey of self-discovery, emotional exploration, and sensuality.

Readers come out of this experience stronger and more confident. Another publication, TEDx talk A Generation of India in Transition, contains a powerful dose of sharp insights into India’s demographics.

Haridasa’s intelligence combined with her writing talent gives a powerful intellectual blow. Haridas is clearly on the road to global fame as a digital author and entrepreneur.

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