Elizabeth Faidley conquers the world of music as the best violin teacher

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we understand how things are constantly changing in different areas of activity. These changes are the result of not only changing times in the world and many technological advances, but also the relentless drive, enthusiasm and perseverance of people and professionals who are working hard to take their industries to the next level.

The world of music has so far welcomed countless talented creatures, but a few rare gems have moved forward to completely amaze the world with their expertise and genius in music. One such name that buzzed widely in the American music scene was Elizabeth Faidley with her Elizabeth Faidley Violin Studio.

Elizabeth Faidley has become one of the best violin teachers in the world. She runs a large private studio that includes students from Australia to Austria and across the United States, and teaches at the Manhattan School of Music. Elizabeth Feidley is respected and recognized as her violin teacher because teaching for her is more than just learning; it is a way of life. She knows how to nurture each student as an individual and help develop their individual strengths and interests, and ultimately empowers the individual with an emphasis on fundamental technique.

Thinking back to her earlier days, Elizabeth Faidley says it all started for her at age 8, when she lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In elementary school, she saw a string quartet perform. Looking at this, she somewhere knew what she wanted to do in life, and having received her first violin, she has never looked back since then.

What sets this extremely talented woman apart from others is her extraordinary classes, which are a close-knit group of young, passionate and talented violinists who receive a lot of input from the most dedicated teacher. From shaping the lives of her students, inspiring teaching every week, to learning the best violin lessons in them, building a solid foundation for students as musicians, Elizabeth Faidley has truly proven her worth in the industry.

Even during the pandemic, Elizabeth Feidley tried to spread more knowledge and therefore held twelve Zoom pedagogical symposia for 400 violin teachers from 36 countries. Through her social media, the best violinist wants to continue to attract teachers and families.

In the summer, she teamed up with colleague Amy Beth Horman to create wonderful intensive violin training programs, and this summer they look forward to teaching Mozart’s style, scales and fundamentals.

To find out more about this violin genius, follow her on Instagram @faidleystudio or visit her website.

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