Edwardlive’s Spiritual Songs Shows a Beacon of Hope for His Audience

According to him, from an early age he was involved in writing poetry and composing music, which brought him this far. He is immensely known for his inspiring songs, especially among young people and millennials. Taking a step forward, Edwardlive wrote his famous book, The Gift of Edward Sylvain, which contains spiritual messages for the audience.

He remembers his friends by his own name

The reason why he called himself Edwardlive is quite interesting. According to him, he came up with this name in memory of his friends who have gone into the world, but who live in his memory. This is evident from the term “Alive”, which refers to his legacy of friends who are no longer in this world, but they are alive for him.

He motivates his audience with his songs and poems.

One important thing that Edward emphasizes is the motivation and hard work that needs to be put into his work. He perfected his rap music by adding an element of motivation that created a new genre and is extremely popular with the masses. In his songs, the audience learns about humanity, philosophy and feelings that make him not only a famous artist, but also a great person.

This unique book, written by the famous Edwardlive, contains over 100 inspirational narrative verses that not only strengthen the internal support system of humanity, but also reflect the increase in their moral values.

His songs reflect deep emotions and sentimentality.

As a rap artist, he has always admired geniuses such as Scarface, Tupac Shakur Jays, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Master and C-murder. Edwardlive has worked with renowned musicians including Tay Edwards, Kwanzii, Vocal Music King and Nikita. His music has meaning and melody that make him a unique artist among the world’s rappers.

Some of Edwardlivesongs’ biggest hits include I Do Is Try, For Me, Diamond in the Sky, Where Do We Go From, and I Will Survive. The beauty of these songs lies in the depth and sentimentality that makes them feel the beauty of their lives. All of his songs can be found on Spotify, YouTube and social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Edwardlive is deeply concerned about current current social and psychological issues. That is why he tried to connect his poetry with today’s human society, suffering from hopelessness and anxiety. He also reflected on the trauma of single parents and violence that violates human rights.

He tries to find a cure for all these serious social problems through messages of hope, trust and faith in God. This consoles his audience, which has made him even more popular all over the world.

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