Eda Aguilar charted a fashion course through Edalou Paris to inspire women around the world

Creativity is innate, and anyone who wants to explore their creative side should be willing to take risks. Eda Lourdes Aguilar did just that, channeling her love of dance, modeling and theater into a passion that prompted her to pursue her dream in fashion.

With her BA and MBA from the University of Puerto Rico and the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Eda Lourdes gave up a 15-year career in finance and investment to pursue what she wanted. She started a new life, gained new knowledge and founded the thriving fashion line Edalou Paris.

Moving from New York to Paris will always be the fulcrum in the wheel that set her journey in motion. She set out to find love, but instead found much more, started a business, created brands, and became a popular designer in the fashion industry. From a young age, at the age of three, Eda began dancing and was attracted by numerous fine arts mentors such as Ita Medina, Petra Bravo and many others.

During her high school and college years, she participated in over a thousand talent contests. These were the times of great happiness! I miss the stage and the adrenaline rush of dancing or performing in front of an audience, ”she said. She briefly worked filmmaking when she moved to New York as extras on shows like The Next. All this contributed to her desire to work in the creative industry, where today she is creating a respected name for herself.

Eda studied at the Parsons New School of Art and Design, working for fashion houses such as KENZO, IRO, APPARIS, Miriam Budet, Koshka Paris and Lemloren. The experience she gained from working with these brands gave her all the inside knowledge and ideas that drove her to launch EDALOU PARIS.

“My goal is to create a multi-functional design that suits forward-thinking women who are professional, discerning, active and stylish. Women have greatly influenced my journey from my mother to my aunts and girlfriends, so I want women to connect with my brand and draw strength from what it represents, ”said Eda. “Women who love my products want to be the best version of themselves,” she added.

After working for five years at leading fashion houses in Paris, the mother of two re-started her fashion design career in 2019 by submitting a third entry for a design competition in New York: the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. She was selected as a finalist from 2,000 applied designers. The competition spawned her La Coucou brand of handbags, women’s handbags.

“It’s as if someone said hello and said, ‘I’m here to enjoy the world and all that it has to offer,’” Eda described. In April 2021, La Coucou received the A Design Award & Competition, the world’s largest international design competition.

Building an inspiring business personality, a brand that permeates the fashion industry, and raising two boys have all made Edu Lourdes the awe-inspiring woman she is. Her goal is to continue working on EDALOU Paris and selling its collections in stores that share the brand’s values.

She also intends to help women aspiring to change themselves through mentoring, training and support programs.

Find out more about EDALOU PARIS on the official website of the brand. Also follow Eda Lourdes herself on her official Instagram page.

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