Dual citizenship for Americans: 5 countries worth it

If a person is recognized as a citizen of two different countries, this means that he / she has dual citizenship. People choose dual citizenship to reap the benefits of real estate ownership, added security, tax breaks, first-class health benefits, high levels of education, professional growth, and the ability to continue to travel around the world.

The only thing you need to follow is the rules and regulations that the expatriate country adheres to as prerequisites.

In this post, we will focus on the welfare of dual citizenship for Americans, five countries that are considered the best for dual citizenship for Americans, and advantages of dual citizenship in Italy for US citizens.

Welfares as Dual Citizenship for Americans:

You can easily get a job anywhere in the United States and in the country of your other citizenship. You just have a good choice for accepting job offers. If you are a holder of US citizenship, you are allowed to travel around the world without any restrictions, and you will not need any permission after a long stay in another country, but return to the United States. Green cards will be issued to your family very easily. You will have all rights as a US citizen along with other citizenship, including the right to vote, and will follow any political campaign. You or your children can study in the United States.

Top 6 countries where citizenship can be combined with US citizenship:

Canada (Canada allows dual citizenship with US citizenship to those people who are US born)

Dominican Republic (They allow dual citizenship to foreign US citizens, with the exception of the President of the Dominican Republic, Vice President, diplomats, or US consuls / diplomats)

Mexico (The Mexican government does not allow dual citizens to vote)

Salvador (Allows dual citizenship to those born by birth from El Salvador)

United Kingdom (UK allows dual citizenship with US citizenship to those people who are born in the US)


The above data are taken from official and unofficial sources and are intended to provide general information only. Because US legal laws are complex and change over time, the information provided may not be 100% correct or up-to-date.

A special case of Italian dual citizenship

Now let’s move on to the benefits of Italian citizenship along with US citizenship. You can benefit from fantastic incentives and benefits with dual citizenship in Italy and the United States. Some of them are described below:

Holders of dual citizenship can enjoy educational and professional benefits in Italy and in all member states of the European Union (EU). They have a large selection of the best educational institutions and the best firms in which they can work and advance their careers. They can import cars, motorcycles, trucks, and any type of vehicle from the United States without paying taxes or fees. Their social and political rights are protected. For example, US citizens with Italian citizenship are eligible to vote. US citizens are allowed to purchase real estate in Italy and legally own it. Isn’t it great to have more assets for a secure future for your children / family?

Please be aware that the correct way to obtain dual citizenship is to always follow the rules and regulations of your national law. Remember to consult with a lawyer before processing your Italian / US dual citizenship request.

This post is expected to have answered many of your questions already.

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