Dr. Sandeep is a breath of fresh air for the Indian education system

A person with a high level of honesty has set high goals for himself throughout his life. An excellent teacher, he is even a social worker. Over the course of his career, he has created many trends, has successfully delivered and reached a milestone.

He is the benchmark for aspiring edupreneurs as he was one of them. As the founder and chairman of the Sandip Foundation based in Nashik and Sijoul, he even has a wealth of academic experience for over 20 years.

Institutional presence throughout India with over 500 branches. “It all started back in 1992, when Sandip Academy started training 2 students on April 8,” says Jha. By 2002, it served over 1,500 students. In 2003, he took up distance learning and software.

In 2005, he founded the Sandip Foundation with the goal of turning scientists into the global players of tomorrow, so his mission was to build an educational institution for the millennium. There are 6 colleges on the campus of the modern college in Nashik, including 2 engineering, 2 polytechnic, and 1 each of pharmaceuticals and an MBA, each with more than 8,500 students.

There are 3 colleges on the Madhubani campus including ITI, Polytechnic and B.ED. It has a notable presence in real estate and construction, software. His business name is JK Sandip Infrastructure Private Limited. In addition, it provides cutting edge software solutions through Carrot Technologies Private Limited and owns the ownership of Tanya InfoTech.

During this time, he has received numerous awards, including the “Educators for Community Service in India Award 2012” for contributions to education and industry at the Africa-India Partnership Summit on 12 December 2012, Lifetime Achievement Award – “Yashokirti Award 2014” from Computer Society of India, Nashik Branch on March 17, 2014, Awarded “Outstanding Engineer Award” from IEI Nashik Branch on October 11, 2014 and many others.

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