Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq. has been named a genius in real estate investment

Fundamentals of Real Estate Financial Intelligence: If we are to make better, faster, and less risky choices, we need to develop our financial intelligence. Any business is aimed at maximizing income and profits. We must be able to increase our possessions and wealth. Success in our work also gives us psychological comfort, but it should be borne in mind that the most important goal of business success is financial achievement.

The economic mind of buying real estate expresses a choice that prioritizes prosperity, convenience and tranquility.

Investing in some markets due to strong price swings and fluctuations requires financial intelligence and in some way raises awareness and knowledge in this area. Buying and selling homes due to their ups and downs in prices requires a lot of economic intelligence to buy a property.

Financial intelligence when buying and selling real estate is one of the topics to consider. Therefore, in order to increase the financial intelligence of the real estate market, it is necessary to study and analyze several methods. Next, Mr Brian Etemad explained important points and cases in this area in which you can use the experience of this great businessman to achieve the best results.

Brian Etemad recently explained about financial intelligence in real estate trading as follows:

Financial intelligence when buying real estate means checking the conditions for the purchase and sale of houses, apartments and land and the timely conclusion of the transaction. For example, a person buys a house and intends to sell it at a higher price. House prices are going up. Among them there are people who have the ability and knowledge to analyze the housing market and have a high level of economic intelligence when buying real estate, understand the reasons for rising prices, and can predict a decline or growth in the market.

They understand that the price is at a peak, so they sell their property, while the person who is still waiting for the price to rise will lose the huge profits he could have earned from a lack of financial intelligence and market experience. Financial intelligence in real estate buying helps you to invest in the market during a fall in prices and get it out of the market at a peak in prices.

Other people are greedy at the peak of prices and invest their money in the hope that prices will continue to rise while prices fall. This indicates a lack of financial literacy when buying real estate.

According to the economic analysis of real estate purchases, the housing market cannot be said to follow a random trend, but it does follow a certain pattern. Meanwhile, people who know about financial intelligence when buying real estate, compared to their competitors, can make the right decisions at the right time, so they always win.

People with financial intelligence invest their money at the lowest prices and make huge profits when prices rise. Thus, financial intelligence in real estate purchases helps to identify market traps and analyze the housing market.

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