Douglas James is here with his advertising methods to help people grow their business

Douglas James is one of the hardest working people of this century, whose minds are awash with simple methods to help you grow your business. To date, this person has trained and trained over 1,500 entrepreneurs. He teaches a person how to attract, retain and serve great customers so that they finally learn how to continue to increase their earning potential.

By using Facebook ads, he helps local businesses achieve their goals. In 2015, he helped many poor communities on a humanitarian mission. He has been serving in the military for over 10 years.

Douglas’ daily life is very productive. As a morning person, he wakes up around 5 am and then drinks a cup of black coffee with a little MCT oil. He writes three goals, which he must complete anyway. He meditates for 10-15 minutes and goes to the gym for an hour and a half, as he loves to do cardio. He listens to audiobooks, which contain a summary of 100 or 1000 pages of the book, this helps him to recognize the golden lines of each book.

Douglas says: “I am very selfish about this time because for the remaining 18 hours a day I need to be able to visit my daughter, wife, my business, my employees and, of course, my clients. and clients ”. He loves to exercise before starting the day.

Douglas did not know what he was doing in the beginning, he completely did not understand how the work he was doing works, he began to make efforts and explore his working world, gradually he became a master at it, and today he runs a successful educational company and marketing agency. Nothing happens overnight, you need to put effort and your whole brain into the work they do.

If you fail, you will gradually get small achievements that turn into big ones. He plans to expand into online coaching to help others. Consistency is the key to any success, and Douglas James has applied all of these tips to his own life.

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