Don Chief focuses on heritage, Hollywood and the empowerment of Texans

2020 will forever be remembered as COVID-19. More than 500,000 families have experienced unimaginable loss and suffering. Almost every aspect of human life has changed, from masked people to social distancing and fear of gathering in large groups. COVID-19 hit the music industry quickly and quickly.

Live performances and touring, which are the source of funds for the Artist, were completely limited in 2020. Some recording artists have struggled to generate income and stay afloat. There are many definitions of the word “HUSTLE”.

According to the general public, it means “push yourself or move fast.” Every day in the hood, survival is based on a simple philosophy: “Eat or be eaten.” Hustling is trying to find a way out of nothing.

Hip-hop is the world’s # 1 music genre and affects all races and cultures. Music not only heals the hearts of people, but is also a universal language. CEO and Chief Recording Artist Don Chief unveils the next generation Millennial Hustler. Don Chief grew up in pain and struggle different from most people, which gave him the DNA of the championship. Life in Texas is not for the carefree. Texas is known for banditry, police corruption and has one of the highest homicide rates in the country. Texas is known for prisons, football, barbecues, herding, country music and hip-hop. “

When you look into Don Chief’s eyes, there is an instant connection between leadership and safety. Texas is replete with references to its history and reputation. Having a natural leadership ability comes with a lot of pressure and expectations from family, friends, and ultimately life itself. Don Chief always relies on himself in any scenario and never looks back. The multimedia edition of Eatgreedy Music Group was launched by Don Chief in 2014.

The Eatgreedy Music Group has several divisions, including a music label, clothing line, broadcaster, and film company. A portion of Eatgreedy Music Group’s profits are reinvested in its subsidiaries, which provide new business opportunities for new artists. In five years, Eatgreedy’s music has amassed 6,000,000 digital streams across all platforms.

His willingness to work tirelessly is partly due to his high expectations of himself. Since then, COVID-19 has caused a 180-degree shift in the global music industry. With COVID-19 in 2021, Don Chief’s Eatgreedy Music Group is aiming for a worldwide takeover in 2021. Don Chief’s mentality is built around war readiness, so he never shies away from high stakes or uncertainty situations. Don Chef will continue to rule in 2021 because he knows that “a heavy head wearing a crown.”

Eatgreedy Music Group signed a partnership with RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE to monetize performance-based music in 2021. RADIOPUSHERS is the leading music monetization agency for ultra-high growth entrepreneurs.

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