DNA Consumer Service Genomics Labs changes brand to DNA37

Genomics Labs has long been a major player in consumer DNA services, offering users a variety of home kits and outcome options. The company recently announced some new changes to its structure and business model.

Genomics Labs is now known as DNA37 and will continue to operate under the new brand. While there have been no announcements about what new products might be released as a result of this rebranding, the current business model and previous products may provide a hint.

Why this new rebranding?

At one time, DNA testing was a new concept beyond the reach of ordinary people. Thanks to the explosive growth of home DNA testing kits in the 2000s, virtually anyone can get DNA testing at home. Most often, these tests are used to confirm biological relationships, such as the paternity of children, as well as to help people find out their genetic makeup.

Now that we live in the 2020s, consumers want more from DNA testing. The novelty of figuring out your genetic makeup is being lost to the public, and there is more and more interest in what can be done with DNA testing. This has created a market gap for more creative and innovative DNA-based services.

In addition, the market for tailor-made goods and services is growing rapidly. From meal kits like HelloFresh, to personalized skincare, wine subscriptions and even vitamins, the market is spoiled for choice for products that aren’t mass-produced but designed for their needs. They are often developed through personality tests, online quizzes, and so on. If skin care products can be developed based on an online skin profile, what can be done with DNA?

This is likely the next direction for the consumer goods market, and thus is a great time for an industrial giant like Genomics Labs to rebrand.

How DNA37 appears

Now that DNA37 is rebranding, we can imagine how their products will be used. Specifically, Genomics, now DNA37, has offered DNA testing in the past to determine what health predispositions consumers have and how this can be adapted to regimen planning, including fitness plans that work best with their genetic makeup as well as meal plans.

While these are just speculations, more information can be expected in the near future on what products and services customers can expect.

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