DIY baby shower decoration to surprise and spoil any expectant mother

A baby shower is the sweetest party any mom-to-be can throw as it is one of the best memorable moments for the best of her life. Expecting moms share their expectations and joys with their family, and in order to prepare for this special day, you need to look for something out of the box so that everyone is surprised and amazed.

Since DIY is very popular these days, baby shower decorations can be made with a few tips that work really well. Since the baby is about to arrive, make sure that the mother-to-be’s special day will be dedicated to her only.

Hosting a baby shower party is always about baby shower decoration responsibilities that must be unique and celebrate. To make your future woman’s day worth celebrating and wondering, we’ve collected some amazing DIY baby shower decorations below. They are economical, easy to implement and also great!

Creating an air arch

Surprise the mom-to-be and guests with an adorable balloon arch of different colors or a theme of your choice. These balloon arches are perfect to remind your mom-to-be of her special day that is coming soon. All you have to do is select some balloons of your choice.

Fill them with air and glue them together to create an arch of balloons. You can place an arch of balloons at the entrance or a wall as a background. Since they are very easy to create, you can also add some confetti balloons for a different texture. Be sure to watch the tutorial video on how to create it.

Paper decorations for lanterns

This may not sound more exciting to you, but paper lanterns are a great decoration for a baby shower in the house as they also look beautiful and colorful. Against the backdrop of a simple room decoration, adding a paper lantern can add vibrant colors and can be useful in gender neutral tones to decorate your baby shower.

They can also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Hang them or glue them over the table, they look cool enough to surprise a mom-to-be.

Shower Umbrella Decorations

One of the easiest ways to create a DIY baby shower decoration to surprise your mom-to-be is by decorating a shower umbrella, as you may not need a lot of material to create one. Just grab a cute umbrella and add some curls to the open umbrella to make it look like a shower. It can be fun to take inspiration from this type of decor and make it a baby shower theme. They even look great with LED backlighting.

Balloon associated with flowers

Balloons are always a plus for any occasion, and if this is your special baby shower then how can we even consider skipping it. Let’s just ditch that boring balloon decoration and get inspired by it.

You can take a solid latex balloon and tie flowers to it. Make a garland and let the balloon hang somewhere to make the flower rows look amazing on the wall. This baby shower decoration can be the best option for outdoor decoration.

Ready to pop a radio station with balloons

For those planning an afternoon shower party, you might want to prepare a complete meal for the day. A ready-made pop station can be a great idea for decorating your baby shower. Organize your drinks and gourmet table with beautiful cup and plate decorations. Make sure you have a READY TO POP sign with colorful balloons.

Photo calendar with LED backlight

Another decoration for a baby shower with your own hands can be the addition of a photo calendar with LED backlighting. It looks amazing when displayed on a wall with other baby shower decor. If you are well versed in arts and crafts, create a mom-to-be photo calendar showing all the pictures of her pregnancy phase and glue them to an LED lamp. Create a kind of banner and hang it on the wall. Here is a wonderful decoration for the day.

Clothes with banner

How cute looks even in a glimpse of the little cute dress of the baby. You don’t have to do much in this baby shower decoration idea. Take a rope and fasten all the cute clothes to it. You can also add LED lights and some brushes to make it look unique and creative. Hang the tread from one corner to the other against the room or wall. It looks great!


We cannot deny the fact that tassels are great for decorating a baby shower. Regardless of the fact that you already have all the decorations like banners, baby shower balloons, cake toppers and more, simply adding a paintbrush with this material can enhance the beauty of the party scene.

Watercolor balloons in bright colors

Add color and excitement to your mother-to-be’s special day by adding some cute and unique balloons. We’ve probably added balloons very often in almost every occasion, but have you tried gradient watercolor balloons before? Buy balloons online and paint them with watercolors. Make a random gradient effect and let them dry. You are ready to hang them up and flaunt your creativity.

Pumps & Swirl Jewelry

Last but not least, besides the pom-poms and swirling decorations at the end of the banner, balloons look great. Since we know that even the smallest details are important, so consider adding these embellishments to achieve a lasting effect and capture some of the memories of your loved ones.

We know you can have tons of fun thinking about baby shower decorations and various themes that will make it suitable for the day. Before you get down to planning and decorating your baby shower at home, remember to remember Mommy’s favorite moments to celebrate.

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