Disrupting the digital marketing industry with big data and artificial intelligence

Millennials and Gen Z are contributing to some of the biggest changes in marketing and business. Companies are being forced to make major changes to marketing because these two demographic age groups are the largest consumers and contributors to the economy. The two cousins ​​have found the perfect way to capitalize on this transition while also contributing to marketing in the newest environment.

Zohaib Patoli and Bilal Patoli have dominated a number of industries for nearly seven years. At twenty-two and twenty, respectively, the duo has more experience in startups and business success than most experienced business leaders. They have creatively and intelligently created more digital opportunities with their new company, LeadOrigin.

LeadOrigin was founded to provide digital marketing insights for companies and businesses that need to stay on top of an ever-changing environment. By consulting with LeadOrigin, you can expand your business and be guided by expert advice to further develop your business. With Zohaib and Bilal’s team, you can’t go wrong. With so much shared business experience, you are in good hands.

LeadOrigins are solutions, not services. Previously, they were disabled in terms of all the opportunities that they could provide to their clients based on the list of services. “Our challenge now is to solve any problem you have with your digital presence. Our clients are not just clients, they become our partners. We don’t just say this stupid, we really are your marketing partner. We’re working to grow your business using data and machine learning to limit risk and increase your ROI, ”explains Zohaib.

They are also active in mutual growth. Their firm is built to be active leaders who are willing to adapt to change and excel to become industry leaders. With the digital world constantly changing, we want our partners to be ready to embrace the next trend.

In fact, the two achieved entrepreneurial success while in high school. When they were thirteen and fourteen years old, Zohaib started an affordable jeans business that brought in six figures in its first year, and Bilal built his first e-commerce, scaled up and started making $ 80,000 a month and successfully solidified his first brand.

Zohaib and Bilal decided to collaborate shortly after these successes and founded WithPort. The company has been very focused on innovating and launching e-commerce concepts. In their first year, they made nearly $ 2 million. Together, they have launched, scaled up and profited from over thirty e-commerce businesses since their partnership.

At 17 and 16 years old, the cousins ​​founded SnapWeb Services, a full-service marketing agency targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. Zohaib and Bilal transformed SnapWeb Services from a simple concept on paper into a multi-million dollar agency in four years, culminating in a fruitful exit. Literally what started in Zohaib’s bedroom has grown to several offices around the world!

Since their inception in April 2017, Zohaib and Bilal have ranked SnapWeb Services among the Top Top Marketing Agencies in Houston by Expertise.com. The firm was also honored with Design Rush Agency of the Year and a 2020 Forbes Board of Agencies. SnapWeb has been able to dramatically improve the bottom line for companies in e-commerce, healthcare, automotive, education, law, pharmaceuticals and energy to name but a few.

The two enterprising stars have already left SnapWeb Services and are now using their knowledge, youth and experience to launch LeadOrigin. This digital transformation company will serve as a portal for the implementation of modern e-commerce concepts and the introduction of cutting-edge marketing solutions.

Through disruptive strategies tailored to each unique brand, LeadOrigin helps new and existing businesses exponentially increase their ROI while reaching new audiences and optimizing overall marketing practices in an ever-changing digital age.

LeadOrigin mission

“Our mission is to help you make a big shift from then to now by making your business visible in the digital age. We listen, cooperate and offer an individual approach adapted to the goals and objectives of your company. Our full suite of marketing and creative services supports a personalized, multi-channel, data-driven marketing strategy that leads to unprecedented digital analytics, business intelligence and groundbreaking insights. ”

What is LeadOrigin – according to Zohaib and Bilal

“LeadOrigin is a state-of-the-art consulting company dedicated to making your business accessible to digital audiences with cutting-edge omnichannel marketing solutions. Using a comprehensive suite of data-driven techniques, LeadOrigin does much more than capture leads and generate traffic. Through a combination of machine learning technology and insightful marketing techniques, LeadOrigin can create disruptive business ideas and open up opportunities previously unattainable.

We are not locked into a static list of “what we can do”. You set tasks; we offer solutions! Along with the diverse team of experts working in our firm, you can rest assured that we have the tools, knowledge and experience to tackle your most trivial challenges at any time. Unlike simple agencies that can only act as service providers, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide effective solutions for all of your marketing needs. ”

Through innovation and the desire to find real solutions to real-world problems, Zohaib and Bilal Patoli have already made tremendous changes to their company, LeadOrigin. Know that you and your business will always be shown the difference in digital marketing for yours and theirs.

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