Dima Yavorsky says passion is the key to building followers on social media

The impact of social media has become an important part of success stories in the digital age. Influencers come in different sizes across different online platforms. Unlike celebrities, influencers are more valued by their loyal audience as social media users are more likely to follow who they can interact with and interact with. Ukrainian American Dima Yavorskiy used his passion for video making and turned it into a career that propelled him from zero to a million subscribers.

Here’s the story of how he did it:

Create engaging content

Millions of new videos are uploaded to social networks like Instagram every day. The lack of creativity in oversaturated content makes it difficult to build a long-term community unless you separate yourself with interesting, original content.

@dimayavorskyy did just that as he dominated both short and long video formats on the internet. The passion for creating entertaining videos opens up a window to more reach as users grab on to the content and hit the subscribe button to see more from the creator.

Collaboration with other authors

From content houses to blog collaboration, working with other influencers is critical to building more subscribers. Creating content with people in the same space allows influencers to reach new audiences and become part of each other’s communities. Dima Yavorskiy has achieved success in collaboration with his girlfriend @nettyyxo.

The couple appear on each other’s profiles and often post entertaining videos together. One of their original challenges collected over 11 million plays, inspiring other influential players to follow this trend. As the internet duo continues to dominate TikTok and Instagram, they are also reaching new milestones on their YouTube channel where they post in-depth content.

Building an empire outside of social media

Building influence online opens up great opportunities for social media to work with brands, connect with other influencers, and increase the views of their videos. However, what started out as passion can quickly turn into an empire-building journey. Using influence to offer your audience a product, service, or experience can be more fun than spreading the virus.

Without moving from his niche, Dima has already mastered another sphere of entertainment. On June 11, 2021, he released his debut single “Maze” to offer his fans a new experience within his personal brand. The song has already gained immense popularity on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

He announced that he will continue filming videos as he works on new music. No matter what he comes up with next, his fans continue to support him for staying true to himself.

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