Digital artist Sukeshi Rei’s strokes have changed the definition of art

It is not easy to get out of the big league of artists whose names are synonymous with art, but several young talents have made their way to the top and really deserve to stand on the same pedestal as these great artists. Many new forms of art have been introduced in the past, including digital art, which has become increasingly important today with the advent of technology.

Celebrities and pop culture also influence mainly the art that millennials enjoy. Among us is one such young contemporary digital artist and entrepreneur, Sukesha Rae, whose creativity comes from her contrasting contemporary pop culture art styles that are impressive to the core.

What made her choose this art form and dive into it? “Initially taken as a hobby and eventually developed into a full-fledged profession, I went with the flow, and my creative instincts pushed me to this level,” says Sukesha. From creating visually appealing artwork for internationally renowned DJs to fashionable clothing for well-known brands, it is always on the go and comes across as an avid traveler.

A graduate with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, she aspires to pursue a career in medicine as a plastic surgeon while pursuing a career as an artist. She dreams of combining science with art, which sounds pretty interesting.

Many people want to know how she discovered her love for art, to which she replies: “At first I started drawing in my books for reading, and over time, interest in her grew. As a big fan of SEGA, pop art caught my attention and I ended up drawing popular characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon.

At the age of ten, I received my first digital tablet as a gift, and this was the beginning of my journey to digital art. ” While she’s leaning more towards digital art, traditional media is something she loves and works on multiple times. She is more of a musician in her work, and enjoys sketches by major EDM / Electro artists, as well as rap and pop artists.

“Takashi Murakami is one of my biggest inspirations in the art world, as his pop art work with influences from Japanese anime and manga has greatly inspired me,” says the young digital artist.

Her work is widely recognized, and her choice of RageOn to transform her artwork into clothing and merchandise is proof enough of this. When asked about her future plans,
she says: “I want my art to be known on a global platform, and that I work with the best professionals in the art world from all creative fields.” Sukeshi’s unconventional ideas, reflected in her work, will surely take her place. Stay tuned for more on this upcoming artist in the coming months.

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