Diesel Mechanic & Social Media Authority: Find Out How Cummins Rider Does Both

It is not uncommon to meet people who simultaneously choose several career paths. However, it would be difficult to fill a vacancy with requirements looking for a female mechanic who is also a content creator. Enter the Cummins Cowgirl, which is just that and almost as close to the paradox of a career. However, she not only managed to balance both extremes, but also did it with additional flair.

Chloe Jonker, commonly known on social media as The Cummins Cowgirl, is a social media influencer, content creator and heavy diesel mechanic. It was definitely not just a rose bed for truck and engine connoisseurs. The transition from a regular 9 to 5 job to an industry that is not usually associated with women has been difficult. In addition, she had to overcome many internal problems and skeptics in order to stick to her dream.

Chloe started from scratch, digging trucks, making a living while she learned everything she could through sweat and tears; and now she owns her own shop and works on her own cars. Behind her charming smile and docile nature, there is an unshakable determination that makes her resolutely take on any challenge. “I wanted to be independent, not working for another company, to have more freedom in choosing where I go, who I work with, and just create my own brand.”

She was also inspired by the successes of other women entrepreneurs and mechanics on social media. The merger of both ideas led to the next stage in its evolution.

Chloe lives with the mantra “Work hard. Then work even harder. ” And for her, it comes down to getting creative with her niche and exploring different ways to monetize it. Social media paved the way, and it wasn’t long before Cummins Cowgirl began to gain traction with its immersive videos and photos and quickly amassed nearly a million followers across all of its platforms.

Although she had never worked internationally, her growing popularity spread across borders and it was a natural progression to start selling products to customers in Mexico, Australia, Turkey, Sweden and many other countries.

With her large and ever-growing fan base, combined with creativity and ingenuity, she has garnered the attention of many brands around the world. It was here that she took another leap in her evolution by partnering with various brands to create marketing / advertising content.

At this stage of her journey, she deftly personifies beauty, intelligence and business acumen, thanks to which she has become a household name.

Despite all its successes, Shepherdess Cummins has always been distinguished by one thing – its unshakable authenticity. She considers it her mission to be a light and to have a positive impact on everyone she meets. “I think being 100% authentic is the most important thing. A lot of social media is fake and it’s a breath of fresh air when someone is just real and sincere and that’s what I try to be. It takes zero dollars to be a good person. “

In the coming years, Chloe hopes to own a full-fledged car customization store, working on cars from a multitude of clients, especially those with vintage cars and custom builds. She hopes to influence the younger generation of women and inspire them to achieve their dreams while staying “tough babe” every day.

To find out more about Cummins Cowgirl, visit her website or connect with her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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