Dance of colors and brushes with the melody of musical notes

Over the past 100 years, music has played an important role in the evolution of visual art styles. Music has been a source of inspiration for those artists who strive to create a pure and transcendental art form. Music has also been used as an allegory, with artists discovering innovative and unusual techniques in their artistic approach by listening to music and imitating it in their work.

One of those who created unique and interesting works in this way is Yalda Dusti, a talented Iranian artist and master of painting. She recently announced a new collection that she is completing, and its possible title would be “Read Me”.

The Read Me collection is written in a modern abstract style to convey the artist’s deep feelings, creating lines and shapes. And also in this collection she used various materials and tools.

The integration of collection tools helps the artist and viewer get a certain inner connection and conveys well the feeling and meaning of each idea, she said. But a notable highlight of her work is the influence of Mohammad Reza’s melodic music and song on her collection.

Shajaryan is a popular traditional music performer and a gem of the Iranian music base.

According to Yalda, she loved traditional music since childhood, and the songs of Master Shajaryan have always filled her with pure meaning and emotional experiences.

The inspiration to create her collection and the miracle that made her paint again after about ten years began when she listened to one of Shajarian’s songs that one of her friends sent her, and the amazing magic of music made her realize and discover her strong interest. to painting, because she had the feeling that she had found an old loss in her life; Thus, she owes this change and the beginning of a return to the path of professional painting and, as a result, success, largely thanks to the music of this master.

Unlike many artists who want to be seen separately and on display, this girl pays special attention to publishing her new collection with other artists and her fellow artists because she believes that the artist community should be more cohesive than others. because they are one. and considers itself part of one large and holistic community, creates stunning and durable works of art.

And therefore, to create her new collection, she used several interesting works of a creative and young composer, who combines Shajarian’s music with his style, which has changed and merged with other terms, which made them more modern and popular.

He also intends to collaborate with another artist to calligraphy a small portion of the lyrics from Shajarian’s songs, which she also listened to when she painted her collection earlier, and her other goal of this collaboration is to bring the collection and the gallery atmosphere together in a more poetic and artistic way. …

In general, inspiration from music is one of the integral phenomena of the world of color and painting, because music, due to its ambiguous and metaphorical language, leads the human mind to implicit semantic meanings.

Implicit implications are related to the field of association of mental images. Music awakens in us the feelings of these experiences, awakening similar experiences recorded in the mind to identify ourselves, so we experience different emotions from different songs and melodies. Emotions that delighted the artist and even made the hands of the yalda dance to the melodies and the voice of the king of the heavenly music of Iran, Shajarian.

And for Yalda, this mystical and sonic dance not only led to the creation of works of art, but also caused her deep resentment and made her decide to spend 60 to 70 percent of the sale value of her works in her gallery. for charity. In addition to the fact that she gives people a pleasant feeling and helps them.

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