D.Z. Zep creates “incredible” music

DZ Zheep is a veteran of music, well known for his timeless records and inspires people to get it out of the mud. This is an artist who always remains true to himself and motivates his listeners to keep the truth and go to what they want in life.

What is your hobby besides music?

I’m on the money, haha, but I play video games and damn that’s what I always fucked with when I was growing up. So in my spare time, when I’m not coming up with something new for my Killswitch brand, not making music or composing something, etc., I just relax and I can start the game.

What quote or mantra do you live by?

Be yourself

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself transforming what I do 10 times richer and probably will be even harder in all aspects.

What was the inspiration for your last song?

My latest album So Many was inspired by my life, the way I live the story behind it.

Was my boy, Butch Dawson hit me saying he did the hit. Niggas said they could hear me, he was the hype about it, so can I. From there I told the bro to send it to me. and the rest was history.

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