Cyber ​​Boy Corp. nothing to play with

Our staff have made every effort to contact Cyber ​​Boy Corp. during the global pandemic of 2020, and left dozens of voice messages on the answering machine, but not a single phone call answered us. Oddly enough, however, this month we got a call from the restless CTO, senior Roy Andrade, pleading for a few minutes of his time to speak to one of our employees about Cyber ​​Boy Corp. video games department.

The 6’4 ” CTO sounded confusing, but was more than ready to start a FaceTime meeting with our in-house writer and started the discussion with a sincere yawn. The elder Roy Andrade was optimistic about the future of his private company and firmly believed that Cyber ​​Boy Corp. will conquer many areas of the technology industry in a short period of time.

Senior Roy Andrade, CTO of Cyber ​​Boy Corp .: “Well 2020 was a profitable year for us as a company, even though the world was in limbo and I couldn’t help but reinvest our profits back into the company. and here we are, doing great things. We are now playing in the Major League.

I am currently working with some of the smartest developers in the tech industry and am looking forward to releasing 3D Chess Game from Cyber ​​Boy Corp. this year, sir. I don’t like the word “best” because it is such a limited word, so I prefer to use that word better, and that is exactly what we are as a software company. Better!”

Cyber ​​Boy Corp. faced a major setback in April when the head of the software development department was awarded a contract with Covid-19 and the elder Roy Andrade was quarantined, leading to negative press results for the company. According to senior Roy Andrade, Cyber ​​Boy Corp. is on fire again and this year will present to its fans the long-awaited luxurious three-dimensional chess game.

Sean Anderson, Chief Financial Officer of Cyber ​​Boy Corp .: “The Big Boss trained us and said back in April that employees account for approximately 64% of the expenses of a business organization.

Roy took me aside as we walked down Crescent Drive at 2am, whispering that it was time to hire the smartest people in the United States of America. I was given a budget of $ 200,000 and immediately grabbed two former MIT students that same week. So, as the CTO famously said, “We’re back on track.”

This year, Senior Roy Andrade is working with Ms. Christina M. Robbins, a visual art designer, to introduce her to Cyber ​​Boy Corp.’s digital products. and many other executives around the world to make Cyber ​​Boy Corp. a global brand. Our readers can visit the Cyber ​​Boy Corp. official website, and the IG official account, @CyberBoyCorp, for more information.

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