Cyber ​​Boy Corp. CTO has tiger eyes

Our team has made every effort to contact Cyber ​​Boy Corp. during the 2020 global pandemic, and left dozens of voice messages on their answering machine, but not a single phone call was returned. However, oddly enough, this month we got a call from the restless CTO, senior Roy Andreid, pleading with him to set aside a few minutes of his time to speak to one of our employees about his video games department.

The 6’4 ” CTO seemed confusing, but he was more than ready to start a FaceTime meeting with our reviewer and started the discussion with a yawn. The elder Roy Andrade was optimistic about the future and believed that Cyber ​​Boy Corp. in due time will conquer many areas of technology.

Senior Roy Andrade, CTO of Cyber ​​Boy Corp .: “Well, 2020 was a profitable year for us as a company, despite the fact that the world was in limbo and I could not help it, but I am reinvesting in the company and now we do great things. We are now separated by technology.

We are developing a 3D chess game and are working with some of the smartest people I have ever met in my life to develop other digital products. I don’t like the word “best” because it is such a limited word, so I try to use it better, and that is exactly what we are as a company. Better!”

Cyber ​​Boy Corp. faced a major setback in April when the head of the software development department was awarded a contract with Covid-19 and the elder Roy Andrade was quarantined, leading to negative press results for the company. As senior Roy Andrade pointed out, Cyber ​​Boy Corp. is on fire again and this year will present to its fans the long-awaited three-dimensional chess game.

Sean Anderson, Chief Financial Officer, Cyber ​​Boy Corp., Sr. Roy Andrade trained us and said back in April that employees account for approximately 64% of a business organization’s expenses.

He took me aside as we walked down Crescent Drive and said it was time to hire the smartest people we could find on the Internet. I was given a budget of $ 200,000 and looted by former MIT students. So, as the CTO famously said, “We’re back on track.”

This year, senior Roy Andrade is working with Ms. Christina M. Robbins, a visual art designer, to get her to take over the digital assets of Cyber ​​Boy Corp. Visit the Cyber ​​Boy Corp. official website, and the IG account at @CyberBoyCorp.

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