Conquering various fields of activity as a music artist and entrepreneur – Darryl Braceful Jr., aka Primo Banks.

Some are born to rule the world with their immense talent and extraordinary abilities that give them enough strength to lead and reach high heights, despite all the difficulties and obstacles that come their way. These people are capable enough to successfully manage dual careers and excel in each one given their outstanding talent that is unmatched.

When we talk about such achievements, we constantly remember the name of Primo Banks, who not only established himself as an entrepreneur, but also opened his creative abilities as a music artist, and this is also successful. …

He has managed to run both his online clothing business Hell Raiser Apparel ( and a singing career that has led him to tremendous success thanks to his talent, which can be rated as one of the best. Best.

Speaking of his musical career, he has excelled as a singer and founded his own label, Hell Raiser Entertainment. In addition, his clothing business was doing exceptionally well, reaching six figures after taking over the reins after the death of his grandmother.

He has already made his mark in the music field, releasing his album Smooth Criminal last year, which has been well acclaimed for his distinctive style. The songs made a splash and are still streaming on major music platforms today.

In his career, he has worked as a music performer and entrepreneur with élan. “My new album, Hell On Earth, is slated for release this summer and I’m sure it will win as many hearts as my previous releases,” says the versatile entrepreneur / artist.

He achieved success in the area in which he was, and this is evident from the glorious achievements that he has achieved in all his endeavors so far.

Follow him on Instagram: @primobanks.

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