Committed to creating the best hosting and email solutions for small and medium businesses in India: Vinay Murarka, Founder, V2 Technosys

India has undergone a major transition over the past 10 years as the focus of youth has shifted from jobs to SMEs. While some have managed to make their dreams come true, many have failed for various reasons, including lack of budget, poor execution of ideas, etc.

Looking at the current scenario and existing challenges, Vinay Mururka, founder of V2 Technosys, decided to focus on creating the best hosting and email solutions for small and medium enterprises in India. Speaking of the reason for this decision, Murarka says: “One of the main reasons leading SMEs fail is their inability to create or afford good hosting. The current challenge is user-based hosting or hosting that can support them. I thought about investing my time in SMEs because I want good ideas to come true; And this is also using the nominal budget ”.

Vinay is also the owner of, an accredited .in domain registrar authorized by the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). He was recently in the news about the launch of India’s first 100% Hindi website with a Hindi domain.

Vinay says the pandemic made him realize it’s time for us to start working from home to build brands through services such as domain name registration, Google Workplace, and web hosting. He looks forward to the opportunity to broaden his horizons by supporting others in any way possible.

Vinay has a promising 20 years of experience in domain hosting, email and web services. He is the direct administrator, mainly responsible for the huge traffic to sites such as Laughing Colors, Taxguru, etc. His ideas and leadership have always had a great impact on the business.

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