Claudia Spar, “Bright Paths That Change the Rules of the Game”

Claudia Spar is the woman behind HolyMama, the first ever retreat company serving mothers and children. She is an eclectic person. She not only works to empower others, but is also an internationally renowned author and inspiring speaker. Claudia says: “Join those who support you and believe what you believe in.

They will give you the support and energy to propel you forward. There will be others who will try to knock you down. Your success might scare them because it highlights their flaws. Maintain a vision of your highest potential even when they don’t see it. “

Life-changing moments for Claudia

Claudia has never been easy. She faced enormous backlash. Her foreign upbringing in the harsh north of England gave Claudia an edge she never lost. This makes her passionate about inclusiveness and diversity.

She was kicked out of her corporate media career for being a woman in a male environment. She left an abusive marriage and now works to help women strengthen themselves to get out of situations that are harming them.

Claudia’s secret of success

Claudia faced several difficulties, but never gave up. The secret of her success is resilience and dedication, fueled by crystal clear vision, passion and a complete understanding of WHY. Claudia has always invariably appeared in front of those whom she serves.

She has led her way unswervingly, day after day, year after year, and believes organic growth is the best way. Success in the blink of an eye is not the norm for most people. She has an amazing support team that shares her vision and is ready to help.

She says, “Be clear about what makes you unique, and then hold on to the strength you have and share it generously with others. Raise others. Be the leader you follow. “

Claudia’s upcoming goals

She is looking forward to the opportunity to speak at TEDx and share her messages with the world. Not only does she see her books on the bestseller list, but she is also striving for a seven-figure income that will allow her to donate 300-500 thousand to women and children in a crisis situation.

Her broader vision is to ensure that every city on the planet has safe and sacred places for women and children to retreat, as well as men who love and respect them. She believes this will revolutionize the way we live and respect each other. This will lead to a solution to the problems of violence, abuse and hate crimes. Perhaps even wars.

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