Claire Outway – Helping People Reach Their True Potential

Claire Outway (@neonjuno) is one such leadership mentor and coach who is committed to helping people reach their true potential.

Founder of Neon Juno, a performance learning company specializing in individual strategic planning, team development and change management, Claire Outway combines years of experience and education to create proven, actionable strategies that help executives and successful professionals redouble their efforts. about the growth mindset, innovative ideas and practical strategy.

Claire Outway’s passion is to develop leadership and strategic thinking skills based on world-class expertise to help leaders become the best they could be and ultimately help businesses become more productive, creative and innovative.

Claire’s mantra for success

Claire believes that any goal can be achieved with the right mindset and dedication. She shares: “During my career, I have been at the helm of teams that have achieved much more than they thought possible. I know that for many, leadership is a difficult and sometimes lonely job, and leaders need to be trusted with advice and support so that they can perform at their best and thereby unleash their full team potential. “

Claire continues, “I have combined decades of experience and education to create proven, actionable strategies that help leaders and successful people double their growth mindset, innovative ideas, and actionable strategy.”

According to Claire, great leadership creates both space and air for teams to express their diverse and true selves. They encourage empathy and curiosity and continue to push people towards goals that are far greater than bottom line or ego. They create a safe space for creativity, resistance, and failure because it’s all about growth. They have an understanding that it’s all about them, and none of them is connected with them at the same time.

What is Neon Juno

Claire Outway created Neon Juno exclusively for managers, executives, directors and business owners who want to reach their full potential and move to the next level without neglecting their work and family responsibilities. Claire explains: “As part of my business, Neon Juno, I provide high-performance, management and business coaching to help you achieve what you never thought possible. I am here to teach you how to go beyond the familiar to unleash your true potential.

How Claire helps people reach their true potential

Claire Outway is a change maker, recognized worldwide as an inspiring and innovative leader. She is a success coach who can show and empower people to transform, achieve results and solutions, and harness the power of neon confidence that will serve them for life.

Claire shares: “As a leadership guru and pioneer, my passion is to help strategic leaders and entrepreneurs develop strategy, manage change, and develop leadership, encourage positive change in old thinking, be curious about work, and as a leader you can encourage and learn from your team. the best, as they will accompany you on your journey, every step of the way. “

Claire believes that everyone is born with talent and needs encouragement, support and motivation. Here she helps them to reveal their true potential.

What success means to Claire

According to Claire, success is the realization that you are on an incredible path in life. The Universe works for you, leading projects that grow you, your loved ones and move the world forward. She shares: “Let me become a strategy advisor and share my unrivaled business values ​​with you to unlock exponential growth, both individually and as part of a company; so you don’t have to do it alone. “

Sharing her personal experience and vast knowledge as a keynote speaker and entrepreneurship consultant, Claire is here to show people that anything is possible and inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and unlock achievements like never before!

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