Cinenese Iwu Raises His Generation with True Leadership


Cinenese Iwu, aka CJ, maintains a video blog about his experience at the American University of Nigeria (AUN) under the name AUNwithCJ. When CJ was in high school and graduated from high school, he could not find a single African American YouTuber or video blogger documenting what it was like to attend a West African college.

Although there were many vloggers from African colleges, he was specifically looking for someone he could meet in order to understand what it would be like for a student attending AUN. He searched a lot and carefully, but could not find anyone who would fit his general criteria.

This is how CJ decided that from day one at AUN, he would be the one to fill that void so that someone in his place could be informed and recommended from his experience. Plus, its friendly and upbeat nature creates very interesting and engaging content!

The most exciting event so far at AUNwithCJ has been the appearance of a huge wasp in the Chinnese dorm room. For some, this may not matter much. But for CJ it was a big deal! As a child, he was literally stung by a bee on the head, and I had an egg on my head, so large that he went to school with a hat for a whole week.

Since then, he has a deep-rooted fear of bees, wasps, hornets and all that kind. That’s why when CJ discovered a wasp in his bedroom – especially one of those proportions – he was nervous to the point of filming his first cinematic AUN episode with CJ: Wasps. Rumor has it that another Wasp cinematic is on the way!

Although Chinenese is now only 20 years old, he sets the bar for entrepreneurship among his generation. He exemplifies the ingenuity that arises from the desire to ease the struggles he faced for the sake of others who will come after him.

CJ fosters a community vibe in all of his interactions, whether it’s workout in the gym, going through campus, AUNwithCJ, and a new project called We Asked AUN Students – WAAUNS for short.

This is a series solely dedicated to showcasing the thoughts and experiences of AUN students on specific topics. In the first episode, AUN students talked about their school experiences. This allows AUN students to voice their experiences in the same way as CJ.

The standards that CJ adheres to are very high, so he keeps his content very high. This is why he puts so much effort into making sure the content he creates and releases is something he can be proud of. When he’s ready to edit his content, he does his best to make sure it meets his quality standards, otherwise he won’t feel comfortable posting it.

However, it takes a lot of time and effort to edit content to reach this threshold. Subtitles alone seem to take the longest because they are the most monotonous to edit. However, it is this deliberate effort that makes publishing content even more enjoyable for him.

In an effort to raise the level of his peers, CJ is gaining the loyalty of followers who benefit from lessons with him virtually. His heartfelt advice is to prioritize the GPA when entering school. “The benefits of having a good high school GPA outweigh the mediocre GPA from too difficult classes.”

If it means taking easy lessons, then take easy lessons. It is advisable that you take difficult courses and get good grades on them, but when it comes to the extreme, choose guided courses.

Cinenese Iwu is a totally down-to-earth guy who prefers to connect with people through his Instagram. Find youthful, kindred wisdom.

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