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Chris, “The Beast” Hall, is no stranger to fighting. His professional record of 69-6-0 earned him both a fierce fight for the heavyweight title and, in 2009, induction into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

After retiring from martial arts in 1995, Beast turned his attention to promoting martial arts on the Internet. “In 1995, there were no great sources of kung fu on the Internet. Moreover, it was very difficult to find something good. So I decided to create my own kung fu website, The Dragon’s List® (, and promote kung fu in general rather than any particular style or brand of kung fu. …

“I contacted a website development company and worked with them on the site for several months and I didn’t like the way things were going, so I turned to another company and was not happy with their work. So after firing two leading web development companies, I decided to start doing it myself. “

Starting on his own, Hall began studying web development and founded The Dragon’s List®. Over time, the Dragon’s List® subscriber base has grown to over 640,000 subscribers.

“I started to enjoy my work, and I enjoyed bringing others together to share thoughts and opinions about kung fu. Too often, we martial artists find ourselves in a quagmire of which style is best or who can beat whom when we have to ask if I am progressing and learning, and if my style suits my wishes and needs. There were several mini-battles on the site, but we are doing our best to defeat them as soon as possible. “

Most believe that after a very successful fighting career, the next logical step is training. However, for the Beast, this was not at all the case. “I didn’t train very well. I have tried this for many years, but it was difficult for me to teach what came naturally to me. I studied very well with students who were interested and wanted to be there. But not so good with those who haven’t practiced or tried to learn.

All things considered, I was much more geared towards the task of bringing people together to promote kung fu and building a community for kung fu enthusiasts, so it worked for the best. “

Hall’s website does not just bring together martial artists, sharing common interests. There is also an extensive list of kung fu schools here, so people interested in learning can find schools near them and try them out. “I think it’s important to try several different schools and styles of kung fu to see which one might be best for a person. For example, a person who likes Wing Chun may not enjoy Tai Chi, but any style can be perfect for him. “

Today, the Dragon’s List® continues to grow and helps other martial artists find places to train, helps martial arts schools find students, and allows everyone to discuss martial arts in a positive and unbiased atmosphere. In addition, The Dragon’s List® provides information on kung fu schools around the world.

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