CauldronSisterss: Super Women Exciting the Food Counseling Industry

Ratika Bhargava and Ricca Khetan (Ratz and Ritzi), commonly referred to as the Cauldron Sisters, are big names in the food industry. This duo of sisters has taken a pioneering journey in this area and paved its way to brilliant success.

With inspiring determination and dedication, CauldronSisterss has ventured into the unconventional field of food packaging and succeeded in doing so. Starting this aromatic and exciting culinary journey in 2015, CauldronSisterss is today one of the leading entrepreneurs and consultants in the field.

Their work is no longer limited to packaging or consulting. CauldronSisterss is everywhere – from home and restaurant food delivery to organizing multiple workshops and beginner courses!

CauldronSisterss’s remarkable accomplishments are like a window of hope for all next generation food entrepreneurs in Jaipur. They have spearheaded a foundation for those passionate young people who are willing to contribute and devote themselves to this field.

Working with many recognized and established names in the industry, CauldronSisterss has demonstrated an amazing amount of hard work and experience. Their experience and specialization in services such as menu design and creation, staff training, sustainable packaging, market research and analysis, cafe conceptualization and planning, etc., are unmatched.

Control points in CauldronSistersFood travel:

Self-taught chefs: CauldronSisterss Love and passion for food is what drives them to learn more. They mastered the art of cooking a variety of cuisines such as Indian, Mexican, Thai, Moroccan, Spanish, Chinese, Lebanese, Egyptian, Burmese and sushi. Through several courses and workshops from world-class chefs and traveling the culinary arts, CauldronSisterss have expanded their knowledge even further.
Authors: CauldronSisterss have always admired Indian food and culture. One such dish is kichdi, which is very popular and loved by most Indians. Documenting all the stories and meanings of the various versions of Khichdi, the Kotel Sisters (Ratika Bhargava and Ricca Khetan) wrote a cookbook called India Ki Khichdi.
Catering suppliers: Exclusively curated food baskets and delivery from CauldronSisterss are so renowned that they handle bulk orders for a variety of occasions such as family gatherings, corporate gatherings and high-end lifestyle exhibitions. CauldronSisterss delivered up to 500 orders in one go, without compromising on quality or standards.
Trainers and facilitators: Sharing its knowledge with over 300 people around the world through several seminars and courses, CauldronSisterss even provides personal assistance to organizations like IHM. They have trained their chefs while working in restaurants and also provide the best consulting services.
Endorsers: CauldronSisterss have a lot of customer loyalty in their name, which is why they are also an important source of reliable information on the Internet. Supporting various brands like Gustora, Ashoka Oils, Kitchen, Mahou Maestra, etc., They also run social media for many fashion houses, cafes, hotels, etc.

As far as achievements go, _CauldronSisterss has a long list of them. They recently received the FBAI national award. Ranveer Brar, Rashmi Uday Singh, Chef Ashish Bhasin, Rocky Mohan are some of the names included in his panel of judges. CauldronSisterss was also awarded at the Social Symphony run by Pathfynder last year.

In March 2020, they were awarded the GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD from the I Care Foundation. In addition, CauldronSisterss was also named BEST FOOD CONSULTANTS 2018 and Best Hospitality Entrepreneur 2019 by IIHM London and IIHM Institutes.

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