Business owner Amendip Sharma is celebrating a successful year despite the pandemic.

For many, the past year has been a year of business closures, declining profits, layoffs and even layoffs. However, the opposite is actually true of the business owner Amendip Sharma.

Over the past year, he has achieved tremendous growth: he launched two new businesses, increased profits, hired additional staff, received an award, and on top of that, he also welcomed his first child in June 2020. busy man.

HeartCMS, the first business launched by Amendeep, started in 2012. It is a digital marketing agency offering services to old and new companies, helping with everything from website design to content creation and telecommunications. HeartCMS employs over 15 dedicated and passionate employees who, like Amendip, love to help people.

Amendip’s business acumen came from his digital marketing know-how. He has become an authoritative voice in the digital marketing world, evolving and adapting since his teens, when he first started building websites for business.

Through HeartCMS, Amendip was able to connect with local businesses whose physical doors were supposed to close during the pandemic and help them open virtually. HeartCMS made it free for many customers in the midst of the pandemic. At a time when many of them were struggling, not only did Amendip’s business achieve great success, but helped many others to do so. Speaking of his digital marketing agency, Amendip says “success for us is about seeing our clients succeed.

Our job and our passion is to bring them to business goals. ” Although, of course, its success can also be noted in popularity, profits and HeartCMS awards – in December 2020, the company was awarded the Most Creative Web Design Agency award in Nottingham.

During the first lockdown in 2020, Amendip had as much work to do as before, a growing client list, a kid on the way – and yet he was inspired. Noting the popularity of home renovations during quarantine, Amendip launched a new venture called Handcrafted Oak Shelves. The bespoke shelving company opened its virtual doors in October 2020, and despite having been open for less than a year, the company has made hundreds of sales, received only 5-star reviews and improved many homes across the UK. Handcrafted Shelves is a drop shipping offering custom sized floating and bonded pine and oak shelving.

After successfully launching Handcrafted Shelves, just two months later, Amendeep launched another online retail business: The Online Printer. The company offers a personalized print service that matches Amendip’s digital marketing and allows him to offer customized print and design services to his current clients as well as attract new clients. The online printer has successfully achieved over 10,000 sales in the first six months, starting in December 2020.

The business started out as a White Label, and The Online Printer didn’t yet have its own commercial printer. In just six months, the company has achieved great success, and its popularity is growing every day.

As most were celebrating the end of their most tumultuous year, Amendip boasted of success. Before the year drew to a close, Amendip formed the iHeart group, which brought all of his business ventures together under one elegant umbrella.

Now, just over a year after announcing the first national isolation, Amendip Sharma continues to expand his existing business ventures and says he will “never stop looking for the next opportunity for growth and expansion” with the new company to be formed. added to his iHeart group next month, Chai Cart, an extravagantly customized tea cart that can be hired to enhance events, including weddings.

Since each of Amendeep’s businesses are so diverse in what they offer, we simply cannot predict what Amendeep will do next. Find Amendip on Instagram, @heartcmsuk and facebook to follow his business trip.

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