Business Blurb creates a new generation of entrepreneurial media

Business Blurb was born in 2019 by college dropouts and New Jersey natives Brendan Cox and Devin Curley. The fast-growing media company has grown rapidly to become one of the fastest and most influential names in business media alongside Forbes, Entrepreneur Media and Business Insider.
Despite a similar reputation, the companies had little in common. While Forbes, Entrepreneur Media, and Business Insider present themselves as publications, Business Blurb is positioning itself as a social media company.

Simply put, Business Blurb delivers information, educational and entertainment value to the business in a more modern way than your traditional magazine. Business Blurb creates entrepreneurial media for young and aspiring businessmen for generations to come, from a line of text that sends business trend headlines straight to your phone, to categorized social media profiles.

Business Blurb founder Brendan Cox emphasized that their focus is on video content: “The future of social media is heavily dependent on short video content. Take a look at the tremendous success of Tik Tok over the past year. ” Caherly also explained his plans for Tik Tok: “This summer we launched our second internship for Tik Tok content creators, to which we invited a select group of creators. This program aims to educate and mentor college students to create virality on Tik Tok. ”

The new Business Blurb program helps to introduce young people to all the intricacies of social networking. Cox told us, “One of our first interns was Kyle Elliott, a determined high school student who approached us because of his interest in entrepreneurship.”

He continued, “We brought in Kyle as an intern and he fell in love with content creation after going viral on Business Blurb’s Tik Tok. Then he decided that he wanted to create content on his personal page, and in just a few months has amassed half a million subscribers. “

We wanted to highlight some of the recent creators of Business Blurb who have also demonstrated their passion for content creation over the past few months:

Aasal Kundi is a junior student at the University of Texas at Dallas currently studying marketing. Kundi also lives up to the law and says that he loves to read about what is happening in the world in order to stay informed. She applied this knowledge to create an informative Tik Toks for Business promotional brochure. Her creativity and constant pursuit of knowledge have been valuable to the fast-growing social media giant. Angelica Cuddy is a Senior Lecturer at Rutgers University currently studying Journalism and Media. She has participated in many brand promotion programs which has given her experience in digital marketing and brand promotion on various social media platforms. Her deep knowledge of social media has been hugely helpful when it comes to tracking trends and creating unique content for Business Blurb. Dean Taylor is a recent graduate of St John’s University. He is pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Hospitality Management. Dean is passionate about marketing and his extensive knowledge of social media has become an extremely useful asset for Business Blurb’s content team. He has curated unique content on business and entrepreneurship trends.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest business developments, be sure to check out Business Blurb and their affiliates.

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