Bringing Cannabis Home: Jamie Steigerwald, Director of Marketing at Nug Avenue, discusses the boom in the home delivery cannabis industry

While much of the food and service industry was hit by COVID-19, the home cannabis delivery industry was just picking up steam.

Despite the federal government’s ongoing ban on marijuana, cannabis is big business in the United States. The total economic impact of US marijuana sales is expected to reach $ 92 billion in 2021, more than 30% more than last year, according to MJBizDaily.

Jamie Steigerwald, director of marketing for Nug Avenue, a cannabis home delivery service in Los Angeles, California, said COVID-19 has given momentum to the industry in many ways.

“Because of COVID-19, especially in California, it was difficult to get out. When the government designated this as an important service, the cannabis companies could continue to operate. This added legitimacy to it, ”Steigerwald said.

There are many restrictions on where dispensaries can operate, and home delivery provides a more convenient and safer way for people to get their products, he said. Steigerwald explained that from a marketing perspective, it is indeed difficult to get people to change behavior, but COVID 19 has not only changed behavior, but also changed culture.

“COVID has made home delivery more common. This marked a shift in how we usually receive our goods. Now that habits have changed, it is likely to stay that way, ”he said.

According to an article in High There, the home delivery sector promises continued growth and revenue. Nug Avenue first approached Steigerwald, who had decades of experience as a business leader in the gaming and mortgage industry, to temporarily help with marketing, but Steigerwald was fascinated by this fast-growing industry and decided to stay in it forever.

“My role as CMO is constantly evolving, but now my goal is to lay the foundation for growth,” he said. “We are probably in the most competitive US market right now, and traditional marketing opportunities for this industry are not available on the Internet. It should be mass marketing. “

Steigerwald has always believed that his business should be focused on the community. While on the one hand, COVID-19 has spurred cannabis home delivery, it has also tied his hands when it comes to public engagement. Concerts, festivals and events such as traditional gatherings, which can help foster a sense of community, simply cannot happen during COVID, he said.

Marketing isn’t the only hurdle that cannabis home delivery companies face. As Chief Marketing Officer for Nug Avenue, Steigerwald understands these issues. Every aspect of the industry is highly regulated with complex legal and licensing issues. Most of these vary from city to city, county to county, and state to state.

“Now is not the time for a small entrepreneur to enter the industry,” he said. “Don’t even think about it if you don’t have the niche and budget to deal with all the regulatory issues. Wait for federal legalization. “

Steigerwald notes that we are a long way from the Reefers’ madness and the Nancy Regan’s “just say no” 80s.

“Cannabis is much more widespread now,” he said.

In fact, NBC News reported that support for the legalization of marijuana has grown from 12 percent in 1969 to 68 percent in 2020.

Despite the growing support for legalization, there are still some common misconceptions about the home delivery industry, Steigerwald said.

“I think there is still a perception that this industry is a little shady or gang-run,” he said. “It’s a delusion”.

Steigerwald explained that the delivery man on Nug Avenue was a well-dressed man with good manners. “The driver won’t ask you to hang out and try the product with you,” he said. “Home delivery is a safe and discreet way to get marijuana.”

Plus it’s fast.

Steigerwald said a top-tier delivery service can get the product to the buyer’s door in 30-40 minutes. Even if a shipping giant like Amazon enters the business, he said, the two-hour delivery window would be too slow.

Nug Avenue takes the home delivery model even further and provides telephone customer support to help first-time cannabis users choose their product. Steigerwald said that as there are many ways to consume cannabis, there are many reasons for using cannabis – whether medical, as a sleeping pill, or for relaxation. These phone experts, called “budtenders,” are available to answer questions and help customers choose which products are right for them.

Steigerwald believes the cannabis home delivery industry continues to grow as attitudes towards cannabis continue to change and more states and eventually the federal government move towards decriminalizing marijuana.

“I think we’re going to see a lot more widespread adoption that will put it on a par with alcohol. But unlike alcohol, there are real medical benefits here, ”he said.

For now, Steigerwald and Nug Avenue continue to look ahead – and expect ongoing changes in both attitudes and laws around cannabis to help companies like Nug Avenue bring cannabis home to more people.

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