Briana Wilson: Marketing Strategies to Influence Brand Partnerships

With over 200,000 businesses shutting down during the pandemic, expanding your business with influencers may seem almost impossible. It may seem like you are too far from your dream of becoming a successful influencer to invest the time and effort in your business to achieve your goals. However, you can grow your community and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, thanks to the influencer marketing industry. The influencer has more options than ever to double or even triple his income through brand partnerships.

Briana Wilson is a leading influencer and mentor who helps creators grow their followers and build the partnerships they dream of. As founder and CEO NYLA influencers and BizfluenceBriana and her team are dedicated to helping influencers reach their maximum potential by learning how to market themselves to brands and build and grow their influencer business.

In her eight years of working 9 to 5, short of her dream, Briana has overcome several challenges. Ten years ago, fresh out of UCLA, she shared a bedroom in an apartment and slept on the floor, earning a salary of $ 28,000. It was uncomfortable, but she never made her lose sight of her dreams of building the life she imagined – living in a high-rise building overlooking the city and having privacy in her own place.

This experience was instrumental in her move to New York in 2016 with a dream and a clear vision of creating the life she always wanted. Before starting her own business, NYLA Influencers in 2018, she remained in the corporate space. As an influencer, Briana supports experienced influencers and helps them grow their revenues and elevate their brand through brand partnerships, negotiations, and content strategies.

“As I’ve worked on the side of the brand for several years and have seen the creators of BIPOC underestimate their work and struggle to stay relevant in this competitive industry, I believe that I will help creators reach new heights in their business with greater influence. supporting the team, negotiating their value and implementing effective strategies for partnering with content and brands, ”says Briana. She also created the Bizfluence Community to “help nano and micro influencers looking for growth, support and resources to grow their followers and partner with brands.”

Briana and her team value quality over quantity and excel at working with content creators who are willing to level up their business and strengthen their brand to drive bigger, more profitable brand deals. Its clients do business with some of the world’s largest and most renowned brands.

To stay relevant in this competitive influencer marketing industry, you need mentoring and a team that supports your vision. Briana Wilson and her team have the knowledge and experience to help you reach new heights in your career.

Working with Briana and her team will help you generate ideas, learn, and implement the right strategies to achieve your goals in your business influencers. Briana and her team are ready for more and are ready to support your dreams and lofty goals.

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