Brian Kolpak suggests three good things you can do for your autistic child

If you have a child with autism, it can be easy to digest all the little details when it comes to parenting. There is a lot to be done, from therapy sessions to leisure activities and teaching them coping strategies. Sometimes it can be easy to forget what is at stake. In this article, Brian Kolpak will talk about three simple but kind things you can do for your child that will show him how much you love him and how they can love themselves.

Support their interests

If you want to spend time with your child, you may be tempted to make your own plan of what to do. There are ways to do this, such as watching them play, what interests them, and things like that that you can notice just by watching them. However, if you want to connect with them, you should consider joining what they are already doing. This is called side-by-side play.

If this is a game, ask them how to play and let them teach you. If this is an activity, ask how you can help. Have them take control of the situation and help you do what they want you to do. If they express or seem to want to be left alone, respect that desire and come back another time. Never impose yourself on their world or try to force them to spend time with you when they are not interested.

Give them structure

One of the best things you can do for your child with autism is to help them set expectations about their daily routine. For many children with ASD, the lack of a consistent daily routine can be incredibly difficult for them. Create a physical or digital diagram that shows each activity they will do each day. If possible, gather information from them about what they think should go where. Or watch to see which works best.

Work together as a team to create the perfect schedule for them that reflects their wants and needs. Knowing what will happen on a particular day will do a lot to help them feel more comfortable.

Just tell them you love them

It never hurts to express your concern for them. Hug them, buy them treats, do something to make them know that they are not a burden and that you are ready to help them every step of the way. Love and kindness are some of the most powerful tools you have.

Children with ASD are some of the most loving and kind souls you will ever meet. They may have different difficulties than neurotypical people, but they are still people who deserve to know how important they are. By supporting his child with constant love and support in everything he does, he will take it with him into the world and will be better prepared to face life’s difficulties.

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Brian Kolpak is a tech entrepreneur and founder of Continental Global. After spending most of his career in management positions, he founded and led a company that was recognized as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Massachusetts before founding his current company. His focus is now on an upcoming project in Dubai.

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