Brian Jay is inspired and ready to conquer the music scene

For those in the know, Brian Jay is what R&B should be in 2021. While viable in a modern sense, he still describes himself as having “nostalgic R&B roots.” The singer-songwriter from Montville, Connecticut is a studio rat exuding talent, vision and charisma on stage. I still regularly return to what seems like a debut classic in You Deserve It, and I am justifiably excited about what lies ahead.

Jai has performed with actors like Love & Hip Hop, PnB Rock, Gucci Mane and many more. He seems more than comfortable on stage, which stands out to me in an era where many people hide behind production value and turn their stage show into a glorified karaoke session. I am planning to attend the show (or several) now that it looks like we are finally moving towards normalizing things like this again.

Brian Jay grew up with parenting vocalists and a constant presence of music at home. Such parenting instills a generational respect for music, which can help prevent young and promising artists from falling into the common trap of being limited in their views of those who paved the way. He experimented and honed his voice by studying production and recording programs, and finding tools to develop his rapidly evolving skill set. Despite representing his native Connecticut, Jai is not talking about regional influence in terms of what has shaped his sound or path. His musical tastes (John Mayer, PartyNextDoor, Usher, Chris Brown) reflect the eclectic sensibility that permeates his (extremely cool) work. All of my personal favorite artists are of the “I listen to all good” types, and Jai seems to fit into that shape like a glove.

When I asked Jai to elaborate on his inspiration, he said quite a lot: “I have known for a long time that music is my strong point. As soon as I could compose the music and hear the final product, the game was over. Music was no longer something I wanted to listen to … It was something I could sit down and create on my own. Song after song, try after try, I became even more addicted to the fact that I can come up with an idea, hear a melody, write lyrics, record my voice, mix my vocals and create a whole song. ”

Note to Artists: Take the time you need to truly KNOW this process. It is difficult to articulate such a feeling, but it seems to me that he did a great job for this. Sometimes it’s best to put it in “this is where I should be” fashion.

Brian Jay clarified by recognizing music as part of his genetic makeup: “It’s just who I am, and this is who I want to be. I don’t think I will be doing anything other than making music for the rest of my life, and I love it. No matter how I feel, I can go into the studio and express myself freely … This is where I find my happiness. I’m just grateful that I can wake up every day and do what I love. “

What stands out most in this response is his hint of music as therapy and the fact that he expresses gratitude for doing so. I think many take this outlet for granted. Others have no outlet at all, which can obviously lead to a huge list of complications.

Natural born creators like Jai are especially fortunate because not only do they have a way out, but they can turn it into something beautiful that lives forever. Also, the ability to embody empathy through our own pain is what makes music even thinner in terms of outlets / forms of expression. Few things are so universally applicable and easily felt by people with a wide range of emotions.

After all, Brian Jay more than “deserves it” in terms of his ongoing ascent. He is a consummate professional who continually puts work into his craft while also exploring the industry itself. There is special music on his way that is “different from his previous style” and is really worth seeing; you can do it from the links below:


Watch Brian Jaya’s music here:


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